Thursday, March 14, 2019

Garcia vs. Spence: Fight Predictions

By Luis A. Cortes III

With the big fight between two of the top pound-for-pound ranked champions taking place this weekend in Dallas, TWI reached out to different members from the world of boxing to get their take on what is going to go down in the Lone Star state. 

Ray McCline – Atlantic City Hall of Fame
I love Mikey, but I just think Spence is going to be too big for him.  Spence does get hit, to try and counter with his excellent body work.  Mikey will score on Spence and it will be a close fight, but I think the size and power of Spence gets him the win. 

Joey Eye – Cutman
For some reason I like Mikey in this fight.  Garcia on points. 

Bozy Ennis – Trainer
Its not going to be easy for Errol and people are counting Mikey out.  Not me, he has a real good chance even though people are looking at the size factor.  I think Mikey can pull it out. 

Stitch Duran – Cutman
I don’t like to make predictions.  I’m horrible at it and as a cutman, I look to see who has the possibility of getting cut or swollen.  I think both fighters will be okay, and it shouldn’t be a problem in the fight. 

Stephen Bird – Lineal TV (England)
Mikey by decision

Catherine Lebron – Kings Promotions
50/50 fight, but I’m going with Spence.  Mikey is flat footed; Spence is going to aggravate him with his skills.  Spence by unanimous decision. 

Jeremy Cuevas – Lightweight
I think Garcia can outbox and outsmart Spence.  Make him miss and make him pay.  Garcia on points. 

Kelly Pavlik – Former middleweight King
I got it a 50/50!  This is one of them fights I just want to chill and watch.

Jason Gonzalez – Writer
Errol wins by decision

Gene Pantalone – Writer
A good big guy beats a good smaller guy, unless he is another Duran.  Should be a great fun fight to watch.  Spence wins by decision.

Thomas LaManna – Jr. Middleweight
Mikey has underrated footwork and timing.  He creates the space very well, in a way that people don’t notice.  I think Spence is very slow and Mikey will use his size disadvantage and turn it into an advantage.  So, I’m going with Garcia, size matters, but skills pay the bills. 
Frankie Carto – Manager
I think I’m going to have to go with Spence.  I really like Mikey’s skill set, but I feel the size difference may be too much to overcome. 

Joey Dawejko – Heavyweight
I got Errol winning this one by decision.

George Hanson – Writer
Spence wins by TKO.

John DiSanto – Writer
As skilled as Garcia is, I think Spence is just too big and too good to lose this one. 

Matthew Ward – Editor in Chief of TWI
A lot of fans and analysts are writing off Mikey.  You can’t do that with a talented guy like that.  Spence is a great fighter, but Mikey has proven himself too.  This is going to be a great main event with an average undercard.  Fights like this are great for our sport though!  All I ask is that the judges don’t screw it up.  With that said, realistically both fighters can win... I’m sticking with Mikey though. Garcia wins by UD. 

James Dominguez – Writer & Co-host of the Punchline w/ Kelly Pavlik
I’m going to take Mikey by split decision.

Luis Cortes III – Feature Writer of TWI
Feature story on the fight and why I’m picking Mikey to win on points coming tomorrow. 

Adam Weiner – Low Cut Connie
I’m going to go with Spence by unanimous decision.  Mikey ends on his feet but loses a clear decision.  Should be a great fight.  I love Mikey, but I think Spence will be too much. 

Jerome Conquest – Lightweight
Spence wins this one by TKO

*After surveying 18 different people, Spence pulls out to get the most votes.  Could the fight on Saturday night be just as close and full of action?  We here at TWI sure do hope so.  Enjoy the fight - from the TWI family! 

Spence: 10

Garcia: 8

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