Thursday, March 14, 2019

Frank Bartolini on Joey Dawejko

By Frank Bartolini

A foot of snow rests on roofs, mountains, and naked corn fields. Ambient wind chill temperatures tap dance around zero degrees. The Turning Stone Resort and Casino might as well be in Siberia. It is here, where Philly native Joey Dawejko squared off against Russian Sergey Kuzmin. Stout and fit Dawejko stepped off the scale at two hundred fifty pounds. Massive from the size of his feet to his oversized cranium, Kuzmin weighed 248.5 pounds.

Make no doubt Dawejko was brought here to be a stepping stone. A gauge to evaluate Kuzmin, now and in the future.

Not adhering to the script, Dawejko did everything a boxer deserving a decision needed to do. Dawejko was casted as Rocky Balboa opposite Kuzmin as Drago. Poor judging kept the Russians record spotless.

Most of the fans in attendance were not familiar with Dawejko and thought he was fodder for the Main Events promoted prospect. By the end of the second, Dawejko had won the crowd's favor and hearts. Kuzmin looks mean but fights soft. After Dawejko scored a booming right hand off the side of Kuzmin's head in round five, the Russian became apprehensive. The next couple of heats, Dawejko was in control scoring well with rights to the body. Seasoned and adapt defensively, Dawejko’s left uppercuts to Kuzmin's gut proved to be effective. Possessing superior hand speed, Dawejko appeared to have the edge even though his face was a bit banged up. Maintaining a better pace, Joey, had the fight wrapped up after eight stanzas. Sensing he was about to lose, Kuzmin out-hustled Dawejko for the last six minutes of the contest.

Cat calls and boos from the seats responded to David Diamante's announcement of Kuzmin's majority decision victory by scores 95-95 and 96-94 twice. All of press row had Dawejko winning. This scribe saw it in Dawejko's favor 97-94, 6-3-1 in rounds. In disgust, Dawejko quickly left the ring with his dapper dressed manager Mark Cipparone in tow. With this questionable loss, Dawejko is now 19-7-4 (11 KO’s). Still having to prove that he is a worthy prospect, Kuzmin stays undefeated 15-0 (11 KO’s)

This fight was delivered by Matchroom Promotions and streamed live on the DAZN.

Joey Dawejko - Photo

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