Friday, March 15, 2019

Primal Fight Promotions Fight Night 3

By Chris Mealey, Cageside

The Robbinsville High School was roaring with energy and the need for combat as a near packed house of spectators filled the gymnasium for the third event hosted by Primal Fight Promotions. Six bouts, all of which were contests by promising amateur mixed martial artists. A story of each meeting will be told, ending with the extraordinary title fight that left the fans more than satisfied.

*Samir Zaimi vs Jarrod Musko (161 class)

Embarking on the night was the first contest between lightweights, kicking off with Musko charging in early and grappling which eventually led to a war on the ground. Each round had a close start, but it was Zaimi who scored the most points on top, landing body blows on the ground as well - cruising to a unanimous decision victory.

Seth Pattserson vs *Charles Lamantia (147 class)

Tactical start as both fighters patiently made their moves. Patterson displayed solid generalship around the cage and took chances on the outside, as Lamantia closed the distance. From the second round on to the end of the fight, Lamantia had maintained enough points through striking and ground control to earn himself a unanimous decision victory.

*Aram Monokian vs Damion Gilleo (147 class)

Both men showed no interest in backing down during this bout and for a brief time, each fighter scored on the outside through striking. A significant takedown by Monokian in the first round, with Marshall surviving with ground defense until the sound of the bell. With another big takedown in the second round, projected a similar display and almost looked like a repeat of the first. The successful wrestling by Monokian would pay off, and what looked to be the game plan from the start, was finding and securing the Arm Bar - causing Gilleo to tap out towards the end of the final round.

Chauncey Rudolph vs *Francis Marshall (168 class)

Two of the biggest warriors of the night to fight at welterweight competed in the shortest bout, that ended in a dramatic fashion. Marshall displayed brilliant ground control and did not let off after securing his leverage on the canvas. Pinning Mosley near the corner of Marshall's, would lead to constant advice in aiming for a seemingly huge target for the North/South choke, and the coaching payed off as that submission transitioned, causing Rudolph to pass out forcing the referee to stop the fight.

*Robert Mosley vs Jonathan McNatt (175 class)

Leading off with tight grappling for the first minute turned into a small brawl on the inside, as well as adequate striking on the outside by each Fighter. The first round was close and hard to score due to one take down a piece and the competitive exchanges on their feet. The second round appeared to be just as close until Mosley found huge success with the triangle choke, submitting McNatt at 1:25 of the round.

(TITLE FIGHT) Josue Del Rios vs *Adam Prieto (130 class)

Primal Fight Promotions main event was electrifying from the minute ring announcer Steve Peacock rallied the crowd, introduced the fighters, and from the time the first and final bells rang. Rios and Prieto  crash into each other,  throwing bombs for punches in the first round, with relentless tenacity that any fan would appreciate for a main event/title fight. The PFP Featherweight Title was on the line, and the warriors showed their grit continuing the action, with Prieto having the slight edge in the close, yet decisive rounds. There was a good balance of striking and ground tactics, leading to a unanimous decision victory for Adam Prieto, with one judge scoring the bout 29-28 and the other two judges both scoring the fight 30-27.

Ring Announcer and TWI Contributor Steve Peacock with Adam Prieto. Photo: Anthony Certa

Primal Fight Promotions will be holding their next event Fight Night 4 on April 27th.

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