Thursday, May 24, 2018

David Feldman Interview

Check out Matt Ward's recent interview with combat sports promoter, David Feldman!

Bonus Round - David Feldman Interview on SoundCloud

Bonus Round - David Feldman Interview on iTunes

David Feldman will bring the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship to Cheyenne Ice and Events Center on June 2, 2018. This groundbreaking night of combat sports will feature a number of familiar faces to fight fans including MMA fighters Eric Prindle and Ricco Rodriguez, as well as boxers Bobby Gunn and Paul Spadafora. Fight fans outside of Cheyenne can order this card on pay-per-view.

Combat sports fans will not want to miss this historic night of fights. You can learn more about David Feldman's Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship by visiting the official website and Facebook page.

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Honey Dick Defined: You Deserve Your Money Back!

Finally! The People’s Red Head has come back to The Weigh-In!

The title of this piece has inadvertently solicited tremendous response from those in the adult film community. For clarification sake, I am not referring to a dick-covered in honey, such as the subject matter of Matthew Ward’s weekend bedroom activities. Furthermore, I am not referring to Steve Ward’s early adolescence when he was constantly caught training the family pet to obey his commands, utilizing a positive reinforcement system where said pet was encouraged to lick a certain extremity slathered in honey.

I am referring to the epidemic of last minute main event cancellations happening too often in the UFC. Obviously this piece is sparked by the fourth cancellation of Ferguson vs. Khabib, which is a dream fight of mine. The People’s Red Head will be the first to admit that he too fell for this fourth and final installment of Ferguson vs. Khabib. It is the one time in my existence that I was duped, and perhaps more so than you, the common reader. We here at The Weigh-In are held to a higher standard for fuck sake! Mind you, I seldom give my responsibility here much thought. Further, I am known to let the expletives and lose facts fly, but I too have feelings. We are tasked with the responsibility of entertainment and information. I take my followers seriously, and I regret to inform you all that I let you down.

UFC 223 promised to bring an end to the question of who is better between Ferguson and Khabib. I for one had my money on Ferguson. Even after his injury, he still tried to fight. Ferguson is an animal with no fear. I prepared to watch this fight in my normal fashion. This included my usual routine that requires the following:  spit bucket, mouth guard, baby oil, European speedo, and Bengay. I just realized that my fight preparation spectator kit is identical to my sex kit. It is not that you all needed to know this but I felt it worthy of mention.

Let us please stay on track people! We must focus on this honey dick! Ferguson suffers an injury and we find out on April 1, 2018. I immediately thought that this cancellation was a terrible April fools joke. How wrong I was. It lead me to ponder what the hell is going on in the UFC. It further led me to proclaim I will no longer be the victim of a honey dick. For those of you who have not read prior pieces, honey dick is regularly addressed on The Weigh-In.

A honey dick is defined as seducing a person for your own personal gain. The UFC keeps honey dicking all of us. How many fights in the last year have had last minute cancellations? The answer is too many to count. I do not even want to delve into how many main events have been cancelled during fight week. The lesson here is that I want some money back. I also want you all to get some money back, but only after I get my money back. In addition, I am no longer going to order pay-per-views in advance.

As former President Bush Jr. said, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, you can’t get fooled again.” What a profound quote. The point being, I too refuse to be fooled again. UFC President Dana White has been quoted as saying there is no way in hell he will book Ferguson vs. Khabib a fifth time. I cannot say I blame him. In fact, perhaps we should all thank White. My heart cannot take a fifth attempt at Ferguson vs. Khabib. We all know Ferguson is amazing and he should keep his belt. Khabib should continue on his own path and see where it leads him.

The honey dick epidemic is frustrating to say the least. The Weigh-In has not seen such disappointment since Steve attended his girlfriend’s prom at the age of 27. It is a long story, but a story as old as time. We had two lovers, well; we had one lover and one child. Steve kept her out past curfew, against her parents’ instructions. The young woman’s father found her that night in the back of Steve’s 2016 Volkswagen (proud sponsor of The Weigh-In) and Steve never heard from her again. A temporary restraining order later, he now freelances for The Weigh-in. We are lucky to have him.

Even Steve is done with the UFC honey dick. Moving forward, pay-per-views will not be purchased until an hour before the event. It is my hope that this will cut down on last minute changes to cards. However, nothing is perfect. It is worthy of note that while I am sour, I still have the utmost respect for all UFC fighters, and all fighters in general. It is just difficult to keep dealing with this as a fan. Remember, I am not only a contributor; I am also a fan of the sport. I hope everyone reading avoids future honey dicking.

People’s Red Head Out!

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Friday, May 18, 2018

RIP Troy Waters

Former Australian boxer, Troy Waters passed away today at the age of 53. Waters, who fought professionally from 1984 to 1994, died after a long battle with leukemia. Waters was born on April 23, 1965 in London, England. As a professional, he held the Commonwealth (British Empire) Super Welterweight, Australian Super Welterweight, and World Boxing Board Super Welterweight Titles over the course of his long career. Waters fought a number of notable opponents during his career including, In Chul Baek, Lloyd Hibbert, Gianfranco Rosi, Terry Norris, Simon Brown, and Felix Trinidad. 

Water retired with an impressive record of 28 wins (20 by knockout) and five losses in 1998, after he defeated Ambrose Mlilo by technical knockout. Waters was inducted into the Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame in 2009.

RIP Champ.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix Update Following Mir vs. Fedor

Finally! The People’s Red Head has Come Back to The Weigh-In!

While it has been awhile since the People’s Red Head has graced The Weigh-In with his presence, you are still welcome that I have decided to return. You have all been given a gift during my silence. That gift comes in the form of aerial assaults, spandex, and baby oil. I am of course referring to the contribution from our very own Steve Ward. His wrestling articles have been great, and it’s real to him, damn it!

It is time for another update of the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix. Mir vs. Fedor took place April 28, 2018, in Illinois. Unfortunately, the hype leading up to the fight lasted longer than the actual fight. However, both men showed why they are worthy of their legendary status.

Fedor won by TKO, 48 seconds into round one. If we were talking about Matt Ward’s sexual stamina, this would be fives times that, and we would be celebrating. It is not that the fight was disappointing, quite the opposite. To the surprise of many, Mir came out swinging. When you are the aggressor, you often run the risk of giving your opponent openings. This is exactly what happened in this fight.

Fedor showed his true form by clipping Mir behind the ear and landing two more punches that led to the referee calling a stop to the fight. For Fedor, it further cements his place in history. For Mir, it adds to his allure. The career of Mir has been one where he has faced all challengers.

Following the fight, Chael Sonnen was forced to enter promotion mode, as he will be Fedor’s next opponent. For the silver tongued Sonnen, we could tell it was unsuspected, as his banter seemed forced, and not true to his normal form. It is always difficult to leave the booth without notice and start promoting, especially when you are caught off guard.

We will continue to keep you updated as the tournament progresses. Stay tuned for further updates from The Weigh-In.

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Top Rank Boxing Presents Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Jorge Linares Recap

Bob Arum's Top Rank Boxing returned to Gotham with a seven bout card, headlined by a WBA World Lightweight Title bout between Vasyl Lomachenko (11-1, 9 KOs) and defending champion, Jorge Linares (44-4, 27 KOs). The bout, which aired live on ESPN, was held at the Mecca of Boxing, Madison Square Garden.

In the main event, Linares landed a nice right to the body of Lomachenko, who answered with a multi-punch combo that was met with crowd approval in the second round. The big punch of this combo was a right upper cut to Linares' jaw. Lomachenko's speed was on display in the third round. He easily outscored Linares with a series of combos. 

In the fourth round, Linares was warned for rabbit punches that he threw in response to a Lomachenko right hook to the head. Lomachenko went on to hit Linares with a multi-punch combo to the head during this round. In the fifth round, Lomachenko landed a left upper cut that snapped Linares' head back. Later in the round, Linares was warned for low blows. Linares was warned for low blows again in the sixth round, which clearly frustrated the Venezuelan fighter. Linares knocked Lomachenko down with a right hand to the head later in the round. Lomachenko slowed down and fought more cautiously in the seventh round. 

The two men engaged in a good exchange of punches as the round neared its end. Linares let his hands go around 1:30 of the ninth round, and landed a nice multi-punch combo. Linares was sent crashing to the canvas in the tenth round, after Lomachenko pummeled his opponent with upper cuts and connected on a left hand to the body. The referee stopped the fight at 2:08 of the tenth round. This was the fourth time Linares has been knocked out over the course of his professional career.

The televised portion of the card began with a ten round contest in the welterweight division. Carlos Adames (14-0, 11 KOs) put his undefeated record on the line against Alejandro Barrera (27-5, 17 KOs). Adames landed a couple of nice right hands to Barrera's head that forced the Mexican fighter to backpedal to avoid any unnecessary damage. Adames hurt his opponent with a big multi-punch combo, highlighted by a big left hand, that staggered Barrera as the second round winded down. Barrera rebounded back in the third round. 

The third round ended with Adames and Barrera exchanging good blows to one another's body and head. Adames showboated in the fourth round by winding up on his punches inside the second minute of the round. He caught Barrera with a hard right hook to the head later in the frame. The two warriors were so focused on a violent exchange during this round, that they fought through the bell that marked the end of the fourth. 

Towards the end of the fifth round, Adames hurt Barrera with a right hand, but was unable to finish off his dazed opponent. Through five rounds, it was evident that the story of this fight would be missed opportunities for Adames to finish off his opponent. This was caused in large part due to the less experienced fighter's wildness at times with punches. The two fighters traded big shots at the end of the seventh round. Barrera had an offensive outburst in the eighth round as he pinned Adames up against the ropes, and landed right hands at will on his opponent. Barrera fought valiantly in the ninth, despite being caught with big shots to the head. The judges scored the bout 97-93, 96-94 and 98-92 for the winner by unanimous decision, Carlos Adames.

Ibon Larrinaga (10-2, 2 KOs) of Spain fought Ireland's Michael Conlan (7-0, 5 KOs) in an eight round bout. Conlan walked to the ring wearing New York Knicks' gear to appeal to the hometown fans. Conlan controlled the first three rounds of action. In the fourth round, Conlan lost his bearing when he threw Larrinaga into a neutral corner. In the fifth round, the two-time Olympian from Ireland landed a series of big hooks on Larrinaga. Later in the round, Conlan snapped his opponents head back with a hard right hand. Conlan cruised through the last three rounds, doing enough to win all three on the judges' scorecards. All three judges scored the bout 80-72 for the winner by unanimous decision, Michael Conlan.

Vitor Freitas (13-2, 7 KOs), a Brazilian lightweight, was knocked out at the 1:04 mark of the opening round by Teofimo Lopez (7-0, 7 KOs), a former Honduran Olympian from Brooklyn. Despite coming up as an amateur in the ranks of USA Boxing, Lopez opted to compete for his parents' homeland of Honduras at the 2016 Olympic Games. Lopez finished off Freitas with a right hand to the side of the head, that looked more like a graze than a hard blow to the head. Lopez has now won all seven of his professional bouts by way of knockout.

Female lightweights, Mikaela Mayer (5-0, 3 KOs) and Baby Nansen (6-3-1) squared off in a six round contest. Mayer, a 2016 Olympian for the United States, controlled the tempo of the bout by effectively utilizing her clear height and reach advantage This forced Hansen to try to fight on the inside. A number of her attacks were stopped by Mayer's solid defense. Mayer landed two big overhand rights to the face of Nansen in the fourth, that staggered her opponent. Nansen fought more cautiously in the fifth, having been hurt in the previous round. As the final bell rang, Nansen's face showed damage from the fight, as her right eye was badly swollen. All three judges scored the bout 60-54 for the winner by unanimous decision, Mikaela Mayer.

The Fighting Marine, Jamel Herring (17-2, 10 KOs) fought Mexico's Juan Pablo Sanchez (29-16, 14 KOs) in an eight round, lightweight bout. Herring controlled the first two rounds of action by landing the cleaner and more effective punches to his opponent's head and body. In the third round, Herring's right eye was busted open by what appeared to be the thumb of Sanchez's glove. The doctor examined Herring's eye and decided to allow the two men to keep fighting. In the fourth round, Herring, sensing the danger of his cut, snapped back the head of Sanchez with a straight left hand. In the final 40 seconds of this round, Herring landed a series of big shots to his opponent's head. The end of the fight came for Sanchez in the fifth round, when Herring pushed him into the ropes with a barrage of punches that left him defenseless. The punch that did Sanchez in was a Herring left hook to the head. The referee stopped the fight at the 1:28 mark of the fifth round.

The card opened up with a lightweight bout between Fazliddin Gaibnazarov (4-0, 2 KO) and Jesus Silveyra (8-6-2, 3 KOs). Silveyra recovered from a knockdown in the fourth round, only to be knocked out seconds later by a Gaibnazarov left hand to the jaw. The referee stopped the fight at the 2:05 mark of the fourth round of a scheduled eight round contest.

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Milton Santiago Interview

Check out Luis Cortes' recent interview with lightweight boxer, Milton Santiago (16-0, 3 KOs). Santiago makes his return to the ring this evening at the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia, when he squares off against Jorge Luis Munguia (13-11, 5 KOs).

Hard Hitting Promotions, in partnership with Greg Cohen Promotions and Devin Haney Promotions, will bring professional boxing back to the 2300 Arena in South Philly on Friday, May 11th. Three bouts on this card will air on the popular series ShoBox on Showtime. The eight bout card is headlined by a lightweight showdown between Devin Haney (18-0, 12 KOs) and Mason Menard (33-2, 24 KOs) for the vacant USBA Lightweight Title.

You can check out their Bonus Round interview on both SoundCloud and iTunes:

Bonus Round - Milton Santiago Interview with Luis Cortes on SoundCloud

Bonus Round - Milton Santiago Interview with Luis Cortes on iTunes

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Manny Rivera and Will Ruiz of Hard Hitting Promotions Interview

Matt Ward recently interviewed Manny Rivera and Will Ruiz of Hard Hitting Promotions in Philadelphia. Hard Hitting Promotions, in partnership with Greg Cohen Promotions and Devin Haney Promotions, will bring professional boxing back to the 2300 Arena in South Philly on Friday, May 11th. Three bouts on this card will air on the popular series ShoBox on Showtime. The eight bout card is headlined by a lightweight showdown between Devin Haney (18-0, 12 KOs) and Mason Menard (33-2, 24 KOs) for the vacant USBA Lightweight Title.

You can check out their Bonus Round interview on both SoundCloud and iTunes:

Bonus Round - Manny Rivera and Will Ruiz Interview on SoundCloud

Bonus Round - Manny Rivera and Will Ruiz Interview on iTunes

For more information on this great night of boxing, please visit the following websites:

Hard Hitting Promotions' Official Website

Hard Hitting Promotions Official Facebook Page

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

GGG Kayos Martirosyan in Carson

Gennady "GGG" Golovkin (38-0-1, 34 KOs) knocked out Vanes Martirosyan (36-4-1, 21 KOs) in the second round of last nights World Middleweight Title fight at the StubHub Center in Carson, California. Martirosyan was the replacement opponent for Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, who withdrew from the May 5th rematch after testing positive for a banned substance. Last night's bout aired on regular HBO.

Vanes Martirosyan, an Armenian-American, represented the United States as a welterweight at the 2004 Olympic Games. The fighter resides in Glendale, California, a city known for its large Armenian-American population. This factor played into the promoter's decision to schedule Martirosyan as GGG's opponent in Carson last night. Despite not selling out the venue, Glendale's Armenian-American population certainly made their presence known as Martirosyan made his way to the ring.

Martirosyan, one of the few remaining Don King fighters, stepped into the ring last night having not fought in a professional bout in 23 months. This fact caused GGG and his camp to feel the wrath of boxing writers and fans across multiple platforms on the worldwide web.

GGG, the longest reigning active world champion, came out in the first round looking for an early end to the night. He landed jabs almost at will, snapping back his opponent's head on multiple occasions. Later in the round, Martirosyan hit GGG with a nice right hand to the jaw, that he followed up with a jab to the head. These shots seemed to surprise the unified middleweight champion, who controlled the pace of the opening frame up to this point.

At the outset of the second round, GGG appeared to have had enough of Martirosyan. He answered the bell by attacking the Californian. GGG hurt Martirosyan with a hard right upper cut. Soon after, GGG crushed Martirosyan with a brutal multi-punch combo that started with an overhand right, and was followed by two jabs, two right hands, a left hook, a right hand, a left hook, and a final right hook as Martirosyan's knee hit the canvas. Referee Jack Reiss counted Martirosyan out, and waived off the fight at 1:53 of the second round.

GGG said in the post-fight interview that he is willing to fight anyone in the middleweight division, including Canelo AlvarezGGG told HBO's Max Kellerman, "I want everyone. I have lots of belts. I challenge anyone to come and take my belts. I don't care who it is. Let's clean the division out. Happy Cinco de Mayo."

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KEA Boxing Promotions Presents Boxing at the Birchwood Manor - Friday, May 4th (Whippany, NJ)

Professional boxing returned to the Birchwood Manor in Whippany, New Jersey on Friday, May 4th. A number of familiar faces to the state’s boxing scene were in the house for the KEA Boxing Promotions card, including former multi-division world champion, Bobby Czyz, and New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame president, Henry Hascup. Hascup also served as the emcee and ring announcer for the evening’s boxing extravaganza.

The main event featured a six round bout in the super middleweight division between Darren Goodall (5-0-1, 4 KOs) and Tahlik Taylor (3-10-1, 1 KO). Freeport, New York’s Taylor answered the opening bell by swinging for the fences. He connected on multiple punches that clearly caught Goodall off guard. Goodall, the fan favorite from New Milford, New Jersey, staggered Taylor with a left hook to the head later in the round. Taylor answered by knocking Goodall down with a straight right to his head. This punch caused blood to stream from the nose of the New Jersey native. Goodall applied pressure to Taylor in the second round by pinning him up against the ropes with a series of vicious punches. Taylor broke out of this trap with a big multi-punch combo of his own that redirected the action to the center of the ring. Goodall hammered Taylor with left and right hooks to the body in the third round. These punches appeared to drop Taylor, but the referee ruled that the knockdown was caused by a low blow, and gave the fighter adequate time to recover. Taylor’s body was again hammered with hooks in the fourth round, but the fighter fought back and landed a hard left hand to Goodall’s head that sent the fighter stumbling back into the ropes. By this point, both men were on shaky legs, and appeared badly hurt from previous exchanges. In the fifth round, Taylor connected with a left hand to Goodall’s face. Goodall, desperately hoping for a knockout, bullied Taylor with a series of left and right hooks to the head and body in the sixth round. Taylor demonstrated his toughness by staying on his feet and fighting until the final bell. The judges’ scored the blood bath 58-55 for Goodall, 57-56 for Taylor, and 56-56 a draw. To the displeasure of the crowd, the six round war ended in a split decision draw.

Philadelphia’s Ardrick Butler (7-5, 3 KOs) has not fought professionally in just under seven years. The ex-con fought Lafayette, Louisiana’s Marcus Beckford (5-8-3, 1 KO) in a welterweight contest, and had some expected ring rust. Beckford hurt Butler with a right hand to the body in the first round. In the second round, Beckford caught Butler with a straight left hand to the face. In the third round, Butler knocked down Beckford with a straight right hand to the head. In the fourth and final round, Beckford landed two nice left hands to Butler’s head. The judges’ scored the bout 38-37 for Butler and 38-37 for Beckford twice.

Jersey City’s Robert Terry (2-0), a 2017 runner-up in the National Golden Gloves Tournament, fought York, Pennsylvania’s James Robinson (5-10-4, 1 KO) in a bout that featured a crowd-pleasing first round. Both men answered the opening bell by exchanging big shots with one another. Terry caught Robinson with a nice right hook to the head during this round. Robinson came out in the second round appearing to be smoked by the first round’s heated exchange. He wrapped up the offensive-minded Terry multiple times to prevent any unnecessary damage during the round. Robinson’s strategy was punished by the referee who warned the fighter for holding, and later deducted points for holding in the third and fourth rounds of the middleweight contest. Robinson was beaten with big right hands to the body in the fourth round, that caused the fighter to cringe in pain. The judges scored the bout 39-35 and 40-34 twice for the winner by unanimous decision, Robert Terry.

Emmanuel Folly (11-0, 9 KOs) fought Pablo Cupul (9-25, 5 KOs) in a super bantamweight bout that was scheduled for four rounds. Folly landed a crushing left hand to the body of Cupul in the first round that caused the Mexican fighter to wince in pain. Cupul responded to this blow by landing multiple rabbit punches on Folly in the opening frame. In the second round, Folly hurt Cupul with a straight right to the head that knocked him into the ropes. Cupul fought back with several more rabbit punches that surprisingly went unnoticed by the official. Cupul’s night came to an end at the 1:53 mark of the fourth round, when Folly connected with a double left hook to Cupul’s head.

John Bauza (10-0, 5 KOs) of North Bergen, New Jersey faced Hugo Padilla (5-14, 2 KOs) in a six round, super lightweight contest. In the opening round, Bauza appeared to hurt Padilla with a left hand to the head. In the second round, Bauza caught Padilla with a right hook, counter punch that again hurt his opponent. Later in the round, Padilla was caught with a straight right hand to the head as he attempted to duck to avoid another shot. Padilla, a Mexican fighter, displayed his toughness through the first two rounds by staying on his feet, despite being hurt by Bauza multiple times. Padilla, seeking to gain the upper hand in the fight, began to fight dirty in the fourth round. He was warned by the referee multiple times in the fourth and fifth rounds for rabbit punches, but points were not deducted. Bauza controlled the tempo of the fifth and sixth rounds, and coasted to a unanimous decision victory on the judges’ scorecards, with all three officials scoring the bout 60-54.

Jersey City's Andrew Bentley (4-3, 1 KO) fought Cleveland's Arrel Love (1-1, 1 KO) in a four round, super featherweight match up. Love fought aggressively in the opening round, but the taller Bentley landed the harder punches. In the second round, Bentley dominated Love with an offensive onslaught. Love was knocked down with a right uppercut. He recovered from this knockdown only to be knocked out with a multi-punch combo that was highlighted with a brutal right hook to the head. Love was pinned up against the ropes and defenseless when the referee stopped the bout at 2:42 of the second round.

The opening bout of the evening featured welterweights, Steve Moore (1-3, 1 KO) and Laquan Lewis (2-10, 2 KOs) in a fight that was scheduled for four rounds. Towards the end of the first round, Moore landed a hard right hand to the head of Lewis that sent his mouth piece flying into the front row. In the second round, Moore continued to put the pressure on his opponent. Lewis responded by throwing several wild punches that appeared to have little to no effect on Moore. In the third round, Moore hurt Lewis with a right hook to the body. Moore, smelling blood in the water, hurt Lewis again with a straight left to the head. Lewis, overwhelmed by Moore's offensive surge, dropped his guard and was pushed into the ropes. Seconds later, Lewis was knocked out by a right hand to the head that sent him crashing to the canvas. The fight ended at the 2:41 mark of the third round.

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Damon Feldman Interview

Matt Ward recently sat down with former professional boxer, Celebrity Boxing promoter, and author of the new book, The 16 Minute Man, Damon Feldman. Matt and Damon sat down following Damon's book release party at Chickie's and Pete's in South Philadelphia to discuss his book and boxing career.

Check out their Bonus Round interview on both SoundCloud and iTunes

You can learn more about Damon Feldman and his new book, The 16 Minute Man, by visiting the official Damon Feldman website.   

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

KEA Boxing Promotions Presents Boxing at the Birchwood Manor

Professional boxing returns to North Jersey tomorrow, May 3, 2018. Andre Kut's KEA Boxing Promotions will bring a seven bout card to the Birchwood Manor in Whippany, New Jersey. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the New Jersey boxing scene, Kut is a 2015 New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame inductee. This card features four talented, local fighters who look to preserve their undefeated records.

Super middleweights, Darren Goodall (5-0, 4 KOs) and Tahlik Taylor (3-10, 1 KO) will square off in the first six round fight of Goodall's career. The New Milford, New Jersey native has won all but one of his five professional bouts by TKO. Taylor has been knocked out by opponents five times, since turning pro in 2015.

Jersey City's Robert Terry (1-0) is preparing to make the leap from fighting four round bouts to six round bouts in his second professional fight. He will face James Robinson (5-9-4, 1 KO) of York, Pennsylvania in a middleweight contest.

John Bauza (9-0, 5 KOs) will fight Hugo Padilla (5-13, 2 KOs) in a six round, super lightweight contest. The 20-year-old Bauza last fought on March 10th, when he defeated David Morales (13-9, 12 KOs) by unanimous decision at the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City

Philadelphia's Emmanuel Folly (10-0, 8 KOs) is scheduled to fight Pablo Cupul (9-24, 5 KOs) in a four round, super bantamweight bout. Folly's trip up to North Jersey will mark his first professional fight outside of his home state. Folly looks to win his fifth straight contest by knockout against an opponent who has suffered nine knockouts over the course of his 24 career defeats. 

The card also also features the following bouts:

Ardrick Butler (7-4, 3 KOs) vs. Marcus Beckford (4-8-3, 1 KO) - six rounds, welterweights

Andrew Bentley (3-3) vs. Aurel Love (1-0, 1 KO) - four rounds, super featherweights

Steve Moore (0-3) vs. Laquan Lewis (2-9, 2 KOs) - four rounds, welterweights

Doors for this show are at 7:00 PM, with the first fight at 8:00 PM. Tickets for this card can be purchased on the KEA Boxing Promotions' website.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tony Bellew vs. David Haye II

David Haye's Haymaker Promotion is teaming up with Eddie Hearn's Matchroom Boxing to bring a nine fight card to the O2 Arena in London, England on Saturday, May 5th. This card features two bouts in particular that are receiving a lot of attention from boxing fans around the world - Bellew vs. Haye II and Rodriguez vs. Butler.

In the main event, Tony Bellew (29-2-1, 19 KOs) will square off against David Haye (28-3, 26 KOs) in a rematch of their March 4, 2017 bout in which Bellew, a former WBC Cruiserweight Champion, won by 11th round TKO over the 37-year-old former cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion, David Haye. In what appeared to be a close fight, both men suffered injuries in the match that contributed to the outcome of the contest. Haye suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, and Bellew broke his hand. The second installment of this British grudge match is scheduled for twelve rounds in the heavyweight division.

The card also features an IBF Bantamweight Title fight between Emmanuel Rodriguez (17-0, 12 KOs) and Paul Butler (26-1, 14 KOs). Rodriguez, a native of Puerto Rico, will travel to Butler's homeland to fight in his first world title bout. He held the WBC Latino Bantamweight Title from 2015 to 2017, and has won seven of his last eight fights by way of knockout. His most recent victory was a fourth round stoppage over Mexico's Giovanni Delgado on August 5, 2017 in Puerto Rico. Butler, a former WBA Continental Bantamweight Champion, has one blemish on his record, a TKO loss to Zolani Tate in 2015. He has won his last nine fights, with his most recent victory coming earlier this year against Jefferson Vargas.

Saturday's card also features the following bouts:

Martin J. Ward (19-0-2, 9 KOs) vs. James Tennyson (21-2, 17 KOs) - 12 rounds, for Ward's European Junior Lightweight Title

Lenroy Thomas (22-4-1, 10 KOs) vs. Joe Joyce (3-0, 3 KOs) - 12 rounds, for Thomas' Commonwealth Heavyweight Title

John Ryder (25-4, 13 KOs) vs. Jamie Cox (25-1, 14 KOs) - 12 rounds, super middleweights

Joshua Buatsi (5-0, 3 KOs) vs. Stephane Cuevas (8-1-3, 4 KOs) - eight rounds, light heavyweights

Jordan Gill (19-0, 4 KOs) vs. David Berna (15-3, 14 KOs) - six rounds, super featherweights

Kody Davies (3-0, 1 KO) vs. Przemyslaw Gorgon (6-2, 3 KOs) - four rounds, light heavyweights

Money Powell IV (6-0, 3 KOs) vs. Mark Krammerstodter (3-2-1, 2 KOs) - four rounds, super welterweights

The card will air live in the United States on AWE at 1:30 PM EST.

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