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Alternately Evasive and Invasive, Philly’s Yunusov Beats Colon of PR

By Steve Peacock, Ringside

The skillful ability of Philadelphia-based boxer Anvar Yunusov to duck punches while consistently hurling and landing shots on his opponent proved pivotal in his victory over Carlos Colon (5-2, 3 KOs) of Lares, Puerto Rico. Emerging victorious by way of unanimous decision, Yunusov (7-0, 3 KOs) succeeded in preserving his perfect record Friday night in the King’s Promotions/Titans Boxing Promotions main event at the SugarHouse Casino in Philly.

Following this intense 8-round battle, Yunusov was proclaimed as the new U.S. Boxing Federation (USBF) Silver Jr.-Lightweight champion, which was presented by World Boxing Foundation VP-North America James Gibbs, Jr.

Though the bout started out with an equally violent exchange between both boxers, Colon intermittently peppered his opponent with a barrage of punches that visibly—albeit briefly—stunned Yunusov, who responded with an impressive blend of adroit evasion coupled with impressive punching power.

A right jab from Colon drew blood from the right eye of Yunusov, followed by a Colon onslaught that then dropped him to his knees in the third round. And although both boxers viably would remain in contention for the win the remainder of the bout, Yunusov subsequently came into view as the dominant contender for the title belt.

Both boxers appeared undaunted by each other’s reciprocal battering, even after Yunusov in the fifth yet again dropped Colon to a knee.

The two tired fighters wildly missed and sometimes blocked about a dozen and a half punches in a rapid-fire exchange that took place in the final minute of the seventh.

Colon kept coming back, right until the end of the eighth and final round. Indeed, even when struck repeatedly with significant enough force to force Colon to involuntarily take a step or two backwards, he did not make it easy for Yunusov to secure the win.

Yunusov ultimately held a visible advantage over his resilient opponent, with two judges scoring the bout in his favor 78-71 and the third giving him a 79-71 advantage

Co-Main Event

Erik Spring (12-2-2, 1 KO) of Reading, Pa. and Terrance Williams (5-3-1, 1 KO) of York, Pa. went the distance in this 8-round super-welterweight competition. Although Spring attempted—and eventually succeeded—in wearing down Williams with a series of body shots, Williams consistently leveraged Spring’s position by reciprocating with multiple shots to his face.

Initially, Spring’s strategy did not seem worth it; although each blow to Williams’ torso was punishingly effective, Williams reciprocated with equally forceful shots to the Spring’s face.

By the fifth, Williams less frequently capitalized on Spring’s crouched and vulnerable position. Perhaps that is why—despite an overall impressive showing by Williams until the final bell—the majority of judges decided the bout in favor of Spring, 77-75, 77-77 and 76-75.


Brandon Robinson (12-2, 9 KOs) of Upper Darby, Pa. planted Lawrence Blakely (5-13-2, 2 KOs) on his rear end just 2:49 into the first of six scheduled rounds. Indeed, Blakely—visibly wincing—got to his hands and knees and stayed in that position for about thirty seconds. His corner men had to bring a stool to him midway along the ropes, where they assisted him off the canvas. Robinson won by way of TKO.

Heavyweights (2)

Despite an impressive exchange in the first between Colby Madison (8-0-2, 4 KOs) and Emilio Salas (5-3-1, 3 KOs) of Yonkers, N.Y., Madison flattened Salas in the opening moments of the second. Salas got to his feet soon after, but not without appearing briefly delirious, as if examining cartoon birds chirping and flying circles around his head. Madison therefore won by way of TKO. 

Middleweights (2)

In one of the most intense battles of the evening— the second of two pro boxing debuts on the card—LaQuan Evans (1-0) of Philly emerged victorious over Jordan Demko (0-1) of Reading, Pa. Early in the bout, an aggressive Demko went on the attack, resulting in a 10-count for Evans from referee Dave Franciosi. Seemingly unfazed, Evans immediately came back with multiple head-snapping shots that, moments earlier, would have seemed unlikely to arise at that moment.

This vacillating domination continued in subsequent rounds. Demko in the third threw a left with such force that Evans bounced into, then forward from, a neutral corner. Then in the fourth, Evans had bloodied Demko’s left eye. Evans won via split decision, with two judges scoring 39-37 and 39-38 in his favor and one scoring the bout 39-37 in favor of Demko.

Jr. Welterweights

In this match-up of two fighters from Puerto Rico, Anthony Mercado (13-4, 10 KOs) dominated Andres Navarro (11-8-1, 7 KOs) from the start. By the third, Mercado struck Navarro with such might that the skin on Navarro’s face visibly wobbled. Mercado won by way TKO when Navarro’s corner stopped the bout.

Middleweights (1)

In the first pro boxing debut of the night, "Retro" Ryan Umberger (1-0) of Philly in a planned 4-round contest beat Brett Oren (0-1) of Harrisburg, Pa. Although Umberger immediately came out strong, Oren in the second managed to bloody his opponent’s nose. After three tumultuous rounds, referee Dave Franciosi called in the ringside physician, who then recommended the bout be stopped. Umberger won by way of TKO.

Heavyweights (1)

In round two of a planned 6-round fight, Michael Coffie (6-0, 5 KOs) of Brooklyn threw such a forceful left hook that he nearly send Eduardo Vitela (3-4, 2 KOs) tumbling backwards through the ropes. About a minute after this KO, Vitela barely made it upwards to his stool, even with assistance from his corner men. 


Mark Dawson (6-0-1, 3 KOs) of Philly in the first had quickly set the tone of this 6-round bout, landing a right body shot that caught the attention of Jordan Morales (3-7, 2 KOs) of Sunbury, Pa. Morales intermittently was able to throw and land a flurry of punches, but in the second Dawson landed another right that dropped Morales to a knee. But it was Dawson’s killer left over the next four rounds that successfully diminished any possibility of a Morales win. Dawson won by way of unanimous decision, with two judges scoring the bout 60-53 and the other 59-54.

Super Featherweights

In the first fight of the evening, Weusi Johnson (3-10-1) of Wilmington, Del. and Javier Oquendo (3-1-1, 1 KO) of Philly opened the event with a competitive battle that—in the opinion of this writer—was rightfully ruled a draw, despite subsequent boos from the audience. One judge scored the bout 39-37 in favor of Johnson, another 40-36 in favor of Oquendo, and one tie vote of 38-38.

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