Thursday, October 31, 2019

Coach Larry Wade Interview

By Luis A. Cortes III

While in Las Vegas for the big fight weekend, I caught up with strength and conditioning coach Larry Wade at Luis "King Kong" Ortiz's Media Day. Wade and I discussed Ortiz's upcoming fight with Deontay Wilder on November 23, 2019 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

You can stream our interview on both SoundCloud and iTunes:

Coach Larry Wade Interview with Luis Cortes on SoundCloud

Coach Larry Wade Interview with Luis Cortes on iTunes

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Showtime Boxing - Lubin vs. Gallimore, Easter vs. Granados results

By Chris Mealey

Showtime boxing returned to Reading, Pennsylvania for the first time since 2002, and delivered over a dozen exciting match ups, on top of displaying the admirable performances from the boxers.  The Weigh-In tackled down these bouts and will summarize each fight in order.


Fight 1: Brandon Glanton vs Jose Corral (Cruiserweight) 6 rounds

Pressure was established early on by Glanton. The jab was consistent and Corral survived the first round, but took some brutal body punishment to get by.

Almost a repeat of the first round, Corral needed to show more improvements that he just couldn't find for the next two rounds. It was in the third round, when Glanton stormed in with a quick combination, Corral was sent to the canvas, which was ruled a slip due to bad balance with the punch connecting. Corral would then retire this fight on the stool, leaving Brandon Glanton as the winner via TKO before the fourth round.

Winner: Brandon Glanton

Fight 2: Darrion Lawson vs Rene Nazare (Super Middleweight) 4 rounds

A patient start by the southpaw from Flint, as Lawson was trying to time and potshot Nazare. A somewhat close opening round with Nazare keeping Lawson in a honest fight. Pressure was strong by Lawson, finding success with the lead right hook off the southpaw stance. An incredible lead hook floored Nazare, leaving him out cold. This was a big win for Lawson via 2nd round KO, elevating his record to 2-0

Winner: Darrion Lawson

Fight 3: Jose Miguel Borrego vs. Likar Ramos (Welterweight) 8 rounds

Generalship and control in the center of the ring was executed by Borrego.  His defense and level of calm was almost methodical, giving Ramos problems. Borrego shifted into second gear during round two, putting a lot of stern pressure on Ramos, almost rattling him with the lead left hook. Ramos showed heart and survived the round. Borrego came back with more pressure and sent Ramos down with a left hook to the body. Incredible as Ramos got on his feet, but was soon sent back by a right hook to the body, a switch hit from Borrego that kept Ramos down to conclude the fight before round four.

Winner: Jose Miguel Borrego

Fight 4: Norman Neely vs. D'Angelo Swaby (Heavyweight) 4 rounds

Hooks off the jab by Neely controlled the opening round. Good counter right hands by Swaby got Neely to come forward and aim combinations on the inside. A crisp uppercut sent Swaby down and he was hurt. Neely quickly took advantage of the situation and landed sharp combinations, forcing the official to stop the bout two minutes into the very first round.

Winner: Normam Neely

Fight 5: Jonathan Torres vs. Julio Garcia (Bantamweight) 6 rounds

Torres continued to show dominance and improvements  in each and every fight. Garcia doesn't have any answers as Torres lands at will, with both inside and outside fighting.Torres gets right back into his rhythm in round 2, sending Garcia down with a series of body shots. Garcia gets up, only to face more deadly combinations and goes down again. A final third time to the canvas leaves the ref with little choice and stops the fight 2:04 into the 2nd round, elevating Torres to a record of 7-0 (3 KOs)

Winner: Jonathan Torrres

Fight 6: Eimantas Stanionis vs. Evincii Dixon (Welterweight) 6 rounds

A rugged first round as Stanionis kept the fight close and inside, not abandoning the body pressure. Only two minutes into the opening round was all it took for Stanionis to land the money shot to keep Dixon down for the ten count. Stamionis elevated to 9-0 with 6 KOs.

Winner: Eimantas Stanionis

Fight 7: Zamy Larry vs. Antonio Hernandez (Middleweight) 4 rounds

Clean boxing and a chess match by both fighters. Close opening round to the end, but Zamy Larry may have stole it in that last minute. Round two was action packed like the first. Hernandez landed flurries of combinations and Larry took three to land one, which didn't seem to be enough. Big round three for Hernandez as he landed his best punches of the fight. Rotating action made this a brutal fight and easily one of the best undercards. Occasional low blows from Larry forced a break, giving Hernandez time to recover in round four, followed by the sound of the bell in the final round. This went to the cards with scores of 38-38 and 39-37 (x2) - in favor of Antonio Hernandez.

Winner: Antonio Hernandez

Fight 8: Zach Dubnof vs. Brent Oren (middleweight) 4 rounds

Tenacious start with shocking straight punches from Oren, that appeared to hurt Dubnof. A huge opener for Oren out of the blue corner. Oren continued to control this fight on the outside, frustrating Dubnof. A near repeat of the first round as Oren utilized a very slick, yet awkward outside style, clearly puzzling Dubnof. A turn of events as Dubnof hit Oren below the belt in round three. After recovery time, Oren was then jumped by extra pressure from Dubnof. The closest round yet. Dubnof found success going to the body and remained persistent with the approach, trying hard to earn back the fight during this final round. The cards read 38-36 x3 for Brent Oren.

Winner: Brent Oren

Fight 9: Raeese Aleem vs. Saul Hernandez (Super Bantamweight) 8 rounds

This bout was a close chess match, with occasional overhands to the body by Aleem, who appeared to land the bigger shots in this close bout. Power shots from Aleem to kick off round two. Hernandez remained composed and was staying in the fight, but lacked punch output. Good fight, but in Aleems favor. Hernandez took a lot of punishment in all of round three, and was encourged by his corner to stop the fight before the start of the next round.

Winner: Raeese Aleem.

Fight 10: Jessy Cruz vs. Ernesto Guerrero (Super Featherweight) 6 rounds

A somewhat dull and slow start with little action would quickly change by round two. Cruz and Guerrero were both patient on the outside, yet a sudden body shot from Cruz sent his opponent down, bringing more energy to the fight. The action was slowly diminishing, making it a hard fight to score until the last and most action packed round. Cruz got wobbled by a 1-2 combination that looked to hurt him bad, yet he was able to recover well and boxed his way back well. Going to the cards with scores of 59-54 - the winner was Jessy Cruz.

Winner: Jessy Cruz

Fight 11: Ricky Lopez vs Joe Perez (Super Featherweight) 10 rounds

Close chess match for the opening round between these super featherweights. Lopez and Perez tried to time each other on the outside, fighting in close rounds. The strong counters by Lopez started to bring the energy to this fight, even bringing the crowd out - chanting Ricky- Ricky! This kept the momentum high. Lopez would have the most success in the repetitive and close rounds up until the final bell, going to the cards with scores of 98-92 across the board For Ricky Lopez

Winner: Ricky Lopez

//Televised Showtime Bouts//

Fight 12: NABO Heavyweight Championship Frank Sanchez vs. Jack Mulowayi 10 rounds

First half of the opening round was patient outside fighting by both boxers. The Cuban flash, Sanchez, looked to land the lead left hook, which soon found its home as he kept Mulowayi on the ropes. Sanchez found most success on the outside and the occasional inside game was also on display, giving Mulowayi trouble. Big body shots from Sanchez opened up the the third round and Mulowayi seemed hesitant to engage. The dominance by Sanchez made this a non -friendly one-sided fight, but still a impressive display of skills from Sanchez as he earned the decision victory.

Winner: Frank Sanchez

Fight 13: Easter Jr. vs. Granados (Super Lightweight) 10 rounds

These two popular boxers could have been the main event based on their names,  but the fight alone said more about the quality of fighters Granados and Easter really are. Fighting at 140, both men were at their comfort weight. Easter pushed the jab early, looking sharp in round one, as he landed a significant uppercut. Granados tried to make this a phone booth brawl in return. Easter continued working the outside for the most part, but Granados had his relentless pressure that was hard to knock off. Granados took a huge left hook, but landed power of his own, later forcing Easter to engage in a brawl which is something he did not need to do. Granados won on the inside, Easter on the outside. In the final round, a huge rally from the crowd, chanting BUNNY! BUNNY! really maintained the hype in what was already the fight of the night. This bout appeared a lot closer than how the judges had scored it, with cards that showed 97-93, 98-92, and 100-90 all for Easter Jr.

Winner: Robert Easter Jr.

Main Event: Erickson Lubin vs Nathaniel Gallimore (Super Welterweight) 10 rounds

Patient and slow start in this main event, which was surprising considering the tension these fighters emitted at the press conference and weigh-in. Both pawed the jab and felt each other out. Lubin with some body straights would be setting the pace for this bout. Gallimore had his best moment in round three, which sparked a brawl with Lubin, making it the closest round yet. Lubin regained his zen and started to control the ring at a phenomenal rhythm, landing superb counter shots that surprisingly never put Gallimore down. This consistency by Lubin would be the norm for the rest of the fight, but with no backing down from Gallimore, who just couldn't seem to increase his punch output. This went to the judges cards and all three would see it the same, making Lubin the clear winner. Cards: 99-91 (x3) for Lubin.

Winner: Erickson Lubin

A fantastic night of boxing and a real treat for the city of Reading. Showtime, TGB, and Kings promotions came together for the fighters, fans, and all the viewers around the world. The Weigh-In is looking forward to next time and are ready to give you all the breakdowns in boxing shows to come. At the end of the day, boxing will always be the sweet science in the world of sports and the Red Dot City of Reading certainly wears this sport on their sleeve, providing one night of fights to remember.

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Robinson, Mathie continue winning ways in Philly

By Matt Ward

Kings Promotions returned to Philly's premier fight venue, the 2300 Arena, on Friday night. The card featured eight professional bouts across various weight classes, and genders. The main event of the evening featured a super middleweight contest between Brandon Robinson (14-2, 9 KOs) and Martez McGregor (8-3, 6 KOs). 

In the opening frame, Robinson moved in and connected with a hard right hand to McGregor's face, a shot that snapped his head back. In the third round, McGregor effectively applied pressure to Robinson. McGregor controlled much of the tempo of the fourth round. He knocked Robinson into the neutral corner with a big left hand as the round approached its end. 

This was a sloppy fight through the first five rounds. The crowd rose to their feet in the sixth round, as Robinson connected with a series of straight right and left hands to McGregor's head and body. As the sixth round approached its end, the two fighters had a good exchange near the blue corner. Throughout the eighth and final round, the two fighters swung wildly and wrapped one another up to avoid any unnecessary damage. All three judges scored the bout for the winner by unanimous decision Brandon Robinson. The judges scorecards read 77-75 twice and 78-74.

Avril Mathie Remains Undefeated 

Australian bombshell, Avril Mathie (4-0-1, 2 KOs), remained undefeated with a unanimous decision victory over Karen Dulin (3-22-1, 1 KO). The  swimsuit model turned bantamweight boxer, Mathie, established her jab in the opening frame and outpointed the veteran Dulin. In the third round, Mathie control the tempo of the fight by landing a series of hooks to the head and body of Dulin. After four rounds of action, all three judges scored the bout 40-36 for the winner by unanimous decision, Avril Mathie.

Accidental Headbutt Halts Bunch vs. Floyd

In what was a highly entertaining fight before it was stopped in the third of six scheduled rounds, Trenton's Shinard Bunch (3-1, 3 KOs) fought Philadelphia's Vinny Floyd (4-8-1, 2 KOs) in a welterweight contest. A Bunch right to the body and left to the chin knocked Floyd down in the first round. Bunch had Floyd on shaky legs after the knockdown, but failed to put pressure on his taller opponent to secure the knockout. In the second round, Floyd was knocked back into the ropes with a multi-punch combo that was highlighted by a right hand to the head as time expired. The referee ruled this a knockdown. 

In the third round, the fight was stopped due to a cut on Floyd's scalp, that was opened up due to an accidental headbutt. Because the fight did not reach the fourth round, it was ruled a no-contest. The two men will  fight again on December 6th when King's Promotions returns to the 2300 arena.

Allen Returns to his Winning Ways in Front of Hometown Crowd

Damon Allen (16-1-1, 5 KOs) bounced back from his first career loss last August with a victory over Dieumerci Nzau (11-10, 8 KOs). Allen answered the opening bell by controlling the tempo of the fight and landing shots at will. He rattled Nzau with a big left hand to the head in the first round. Nzau swung wildly and ineffectively at his opponent in the second, clearly frustrated by Allen's poise and fight plan.

Allen punished Nzau with repeated left hands to the head in the third round. In the fourth round, the sound of two of Allen's left hands connecting with Nzau's head echoed through the arena. 

A left hand to the head shook Nzau in the sixth round. Both fighters looked exhausted later in the sixth and final round. The last-minute was filled with instances of both men hanging all over one another. To the delight of the pro-Allen crowd, all three judges scored the bout 60-54 in favor of the local fan-favorite.

Nelson Bounces Back from Three Straight Defeats

The former Pennsylvania Lightweight champion, Naim Nelson (14-4, 1 KO), halted his three fight losing streak with a unanimous decision victory over Harrisburg's Roy McGill (6-4, 3 KOs). The junior welterweight contest was evenly matched through the first two rounds. Miguel put his foot on the gas in the opening seconds of the third round, and then the action seemed to settle down. The two men spent the last three rounds chasing each other around the ring to the displeasure of the crowd. The judges scored the bout 58-56, 59-55, and 60-54, all in favor of Nelson.

Umberger Kayos DeShields

Chestnut Hill's Ryan Umberger (3-0, 3 KOs) increased his knockout streak to three with a victory over Camden's Leon DeShields (0-7). An Umberger right hook to the body sent DeShields to the canvas in the opening seconds of the first round in this junior middleweight bout. DeShields recovered from the knockdown only to be finished off later in the round at 2:49, when Umberger nailed him with a overhand right to the head. 

Rivera Wins by Second Round TKO

Cruiserweights Angel Rivera (5-1, 4 KOs) and Nicoy Clarke (2-5) squared off in a fight that was scheduled for four rounds. The opening round was filled with lots of action. Clarke tried to trap Rivera in the first round, but Rivera kept punching his way out of these traps. Rivera finished off Clark in the second round with an uppercut followed by left and right hooks to the head and body. Clark crashed to the canvas and referee Erik Dali waved off the fight at the 1:41 mark of the second round.

Martin, Down in One, Recovers for Win

James Martin (5-1) defeated Juan Rodriguez (8-16-1, 6 KOs) by unanimous decision in the opening bout of the evening. A Rodriguez body shot in the opening round caused Martin to take a knee. Later in the first round, Martin appeared to hurt Rodriguez on two occasions, but failed to press the attack and secure a knockdown. A right hand from Martin in the second sent Rodriguez tumbling back into the corner. Rodriguez wrapped Martin up to kill the multi-punch onslaught.

Rodriguez showed his ring experience in the third round by smothering multiple attacks by Martin. There was a big exchange of shots in the center of the ring to start the fourth round. Unfortunately, this early action in the round would be negated by excessive holding throughout the last two minutes of the final round. The judges scored the bout 38-37 and 39-37 twice for Martin.

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Lubin vs Gallimore, Easter Jr vs Granados Press Conference

On Saturday, October 26th, Showtime Boxing returns with a double header at the Santander Arena in Reading, Pennsylvania. It's a rarity to have bigger boxing events here at the Red Dot City, which is mostly known for producing fighters such as former world champion, Kermit Cintron and heavyweight contender, Travis Kauffman. That rare fight streak appears to be turning around, as Premier Boxing Champions and promotional teams have brought two higher caliber match-ups with the bouts between Robert Easter Jr. and Adrian Granados, and Erickson Lubin and Nathaniel Gallimore. These two fights headline what is safely going to be a dynamic night of boxing. Here, before the official weigh-ins, is the final press conference where the fighters speak their thoughts before meeting in the square circle.

Co-main event: Robert Easter Jr. vs. Adrian Granados

Robert Easter, Jr: "It feels good to be back. I'm training hard and looking to put on a great performance. Granados is a hell of a fighter and I'm sure he is training hard too. He is definitely coming to fight. This fight is going to be action packed and I'm bringing fireworks."

Adrian Granados: "I'm excited to be back. It's going to be a great fight, and our styles match up well and yeah, there will be fireworks. I'm here to reestablish myself at 140."

Co-main event: Nathaniel Gallimore vs. Erickson Lubin

Nathaniel Gallimore: "I've been training, so this isn't a late replacement fight. I knew this opportunity  would one day present itself to me and I know this is the right time, so stay tuned."

Erickson Lubin: "It doesn't matter who comes in the ring, because I'll be ready. My plan isn't just to take over the 154 division, but to take over boxing."

Showtime Boxing Q&A

[Abbreviated index]
Showtime Question - (Q)
Robert Easter Jr. - (REJ) 
Adrian Granados - (AG)
Nathaniel Gallimore - (NG)
Erickson Lubin - (EL)

Q: To Robert - Why the move to 140? Why leave 135?

REJ: It was time. Making 135 was cutting a lot of muscle and I'm getting older.

Q:  To Adrian - Coming back down to 140, you stated this is the perfect fight and the perfect weight. Why is that?

AG: I made my statement in boxing at 140 and ever since, I never had the opportunity to achieve my goals at that wieght, as I was given offers nobody could turn down at 147, against some of the best boxers in the world. I always wanted to be a champ at 140.

Q: To Robert - Will the power be there at 140?

REJ: Of course. Shout out to my strength and conditioning coach. We've been working on building a lot of strength.

Q: To Adrian - Having trained in the same camp as Easter in the past, does any of that help your prepare for this fight?

AG: I'm not going off that, because that was over 5-6 years ago. We are probably different fighters today.

Q: To Robert, same question?

REJ: Not exactly. Fighters fight other fighters differently, so I'm not going off that.

Q: To Adrian - Based off your last bout, how important is it to win this fight against Easter? 

AG: Yes, I am coming off the worst performance of my boxing career. A lot of people don't know what was going on in that camp. I definitely don't want to make excuses, but I was not 100%. It's OK if people want to write me off. I like that. My back is against the wall here and I'm gonna come out swinging 

[Gallimore - Lubin Questions]

Q: To Gallimore - What should Erickson Lubin be expecting from you on Saturday?

NG: He should be expecting everything. I'm not a one dimensional fighter. They can watch all the footage they want, but I'm going to bring a legendary performance.

Q: To Lubin - How does the sudden change of opponent effect this fight and why do you feel this is a better fight?

EL: Gallimore comes to fight. He is a harder puncher and takes more risks, but we are prepared for him, or anyone who steps in the ring. Come Saturday, it's Hammer-time.

NG: It doesn't matter what he brings to the table. I have an answer. Get your food early, because you don't want to miss this.

EL: Like I said.  I'm here to take over boxing. He's just another stepping stone and he's in the way. I'm going to crush him.

//End of Q&A//


Tensions were building up as Lubin and Gallimore faced off, as this final press conference came to a close. The stare down was adamant and strenuous to break up, with the trash talking elevating. The boxing fans, the Showtime viewers around the globe, and the Red Dot City of Reading, Pennsylvania are in for a real thrasher this Saturday night, on top of experiencing an event that could bring even more appealing fights to town down the road.

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Impact Wrestling Presents: Bound For Glory 2019

By Steve Ward

Impact Wrestling’s biggest event of the year emanated from Chicago this evening for the 15th
incarnation of Bound For Glory. This event held significance on a multitude of levels for Impact Wrestling as they continue to push to remain relevant in what is becoming an ever crowded pro wrestling landscape with the emergence of AEW. Additionally, this was Impact’s final event before their debut on AXS TV after spending the past year on Pursuit Channel. While I’m happy to see they continue to maintain a network deal, this move will make it more difficult for their fan base to access their weekly program as it is mostly limited to satellite TV providers. The card was stacked this evening as it provided a healthy mix of young, lesser known talent, some WWE outcasts, and several ECW originals while all titles were contested.

Call Your Shot 20-Person Gauntlet Match
Winner: Eddie Edwards

This match began with Eddie Edwards and Adam Thornstowe of Reno Scum. Every minute another competitor entered and would need to be thrown over the top rope in order to be eliminated. The final competitor would have the opportunity at the title of his or her choice. In addition to many Impact Wrestling regulars, there were many surprises including Swoggle (who made his entrance as he chased Johnny Swinger, another blast from the past, from below the ring), Sabu, Tommy Dreamer (not really a surprise but the Innovator of Violence needed a mention in the article), former AEW star Kylie Rae, and the newly signed Joey Ryan. The exhilarating opening contest came down to a final four of  Madman Fulton, Mahabali Shera, Eddie Edwards, and Fallah Bahh. Bahh was quickly eliminated by Shera and then Edwards caught Fulton off guard and knocked him over the top rope to bring us to the last two men standing. Once this occurred the match became a standard one on one contest. Edwards made short work of Shera as he executed the Boston Knee Party for the pinfall victory.

Knockouts Championship
Tenille Dashwood vs. Taya Valkyrie (c) w/ John E. Bravo
Winner: Taya Valkyrie via pinfall

Despite the noticeable and unexplained departure of her husband Johnny Impact amid rumors he’s signed with WWE, Valkyrie has continued her reign of dominance with former referee John E. Bravo (Johnny Bravo) in tow. This evening she defended her title against Tenille Dashwood (formerly known as Emma in WWE) who made her surprising debut recently instead of signing with AEW. In the closing moments, Dashwood hit the Spotlight, however, her pinfall attempt was thwarted by Bravo who dragged the champ to the ropes for the break. After Bravo was ejected from ringside, Dashwood attempted another Spotlight to no avail as Valkyrie was able to trap her in the Road to Valhalla for the pinfall.

Impact Tag Team Championship
Rob Van Dam & Rhino vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page)
Winners: The North

As this frenetically paced match began to wind down, RVD and Rhino seemed poised to solidify a victory. Rhino was squared up in the corner prepared to execute a Gore as RVD shocked the crowd and super kicked him in the face. RVD then laid waste to Mack and Swann as he delivered super kicks to them as well and proceeded to exit the arena. This allowed Alexander to hoist Swann up in a fireman’s carry and propelled him into the arms of Page who power bombed him to set up the pinfall.

Marufugi vs. Michael Elgin
Winner: Michael Elgin

Japanese legend Marufugi of Pro Wrestling NOAH squared off with Michael Elgin who made a name for himself in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor. Michael Elgin greatly impressed in this bout with his surprising high flying ability mixed in with the strong style focus of the match. Marufugi displayed great resilience as he withstood multiple buckle bombs and a Splash Mountain Bomb to answer with several onslaughts of vicious knee strikes. The conclusion of this match arrived after Elgin executed yet another buckle bomb followed by an inverted Death Valley Driver for the victory.

5-person X-Division Ladder Match
Tessa Blanchard vs. Ace Austin vs. Acey Romero vs. Daga vs. Jake Crist (c)
Winner: Ace Austin

Yes, you read that participant list correctly, Tessa Blanchard after weeks of feuding with OVE, was a contestant in this bout. In the closing moments, Tessa and Jake Crist scaled the ladder simultaneously. As the two jockeyed for position at the top of the ladder, Tessa propelled Crist off of the ladder and through a table. As Tessa had the belt at her fingertips, Ace Austin jumped to the ladder from the ropes with his baton in hand and struck Tessa in the head causing her to fall from the ladder. This action left Austin unopposed as he retrieved the title to become the new X-Division Champion.

Ken Shamrock vs. Moose
Winner: Moose via pinfall

55-year old Ken Shamrock came out absolutely shredded and did not look anywhere near his age physique-wise. Shamrock was in line to finish off Moose several times, however, Frank Trigg who was in Moose’s corner proved to be the difference. Trigg drew the attention of Shamrock and the referee several times and even removed one of the turnbuckle covers exposing the dreaded steel beneath. Moose managed to withstand multiple ankle lock submission attempts and finally drove Shamrock into the exposed turnbuckle busting him open. This supplied Moose the opening he needed to land the spear and cover The World’s Most Dangerous Man for a hollow victory.

Impact World Championship
Brian Cage (c) vs. Sami Callihan
Winner: Brian Cage via pinfall

There were plenty of narratives leading into this contest. After months injured at home, Cage made his return to Impact several weeks ago to propose to and subsequently marry Melissa Santos. On the edition of Impact where the two tied the knot, Callihan struck Santos in the head with a champagne bottle intended for Cage. Then to make matters worse, Callihan and OVE handcuffed Cage to the ropes on the most recent episode of Impact and let him watch as his wife was the recipient of a Cactus Special. Needless to say, this bout was full of pure, unadulterated violence. The bout reached it’s conclusion shortly after Callihan introduced a bag of tacks to the fray. Callihan delivered a Cactus Special that Cage kicked out of following a one count and proceeded to destroy “The Draw.” First, he power bombed Callihan onto the tacks and immediately followed up with a Drill Claw for the pinfall.

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