Sunday, October 7, 2018

Nurmagomedov Taps McGregor & Bedlam Ensues

Finally! The Real People’s Red Head has come back to The Weigh-In!

Let me start off by saying my bold prediction of Nurmagomedov vs. McGregor was wrong. I did not account for Nurmagomedov laying on McGregor and zapping the life out of him. Even still, McGregor looked like he could have still done something in round four. However, as we all feared, Nurmagomedov proved too much on the ground.

Round one opened with good movement from both fighters. Nurmagomedov grabbed McGregor’s leg and it looked promising that McGregor may escape, but he was not able to. Round one ends with McGregor landing a stiff jab and Nurmagomedov sitting on him for the rest of the round. It was very boring but much anticipated.

Round two had a shocking moment, which was Nurmagomedov landing a punch that sent McGregor stumbling. However, even with minimal success in the stand up game, Nurmagomedov takes McGregor down and sits on him for the majority of the round.

Round three was McGregor’s round, and he showed what would happen if the fight remained on the feet. In round three, McGregor showed why he is one of the best strikers in MMA. McGregor landed multiple shots in round three and he could have even possibly won the round. I would give him the round but I might be biased... I am related to the man after all.

Round four had me crying and questioning everything I knew in life. Nurmagomedov takes McGregor down and though McGregor puts on a good fight, he gives up his back and Nurmagomedov wins by choke. The choke looked more like a neck crank but either way, it made McGregor tap.

Nurmagomedov then won and I was super bummed, due to my love for McGregor. However, as many of you know by now, the fight was not over. Nurmagomedov lost his mind and jumped cage, going after Dillon Danis who is one of McGregor’s training coaches. Danis is known as a ju jitsu specialist and is highly regarded in the world of MMA.

As if Nurmagomedov jumping the cage and starting a riot was not enough, one of Nurmagomedov’s entourage snuck into the cage and hit McGregor with a right hand. How despicable is this shit? This is worse than Steve taking a “plus sized” model out for a nice steak dinner and sneaking out of her place the next morning, only to never call her again.

McGregor remained gracious in defeat. He has even stated he will not press charges, something that Nurmagomedov is most likely not familiar with. I hope they have a rematch, but who knows what will happen due to Nurmagomedov’s actions after the win. Congratulations to Nurmagomedov. Like McGregor, I too am gracious when proven wrong.

Special Thanks To:

McGregor for being a True Champion
Tony Ferguson—Great Co-main
Anthony Pettis—Great Co-main
Dana White—Amazing
Plus size models—Helping Men get Dates and Confidence

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