Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Best of Halloween Havoc - WWE Top 10

In the spirit of Halloween, and some of our unhealthy obsessions with pro wrestling (*cough* Steve Ward *cough*), I ( more like the WWE Network and YouTube...) bring you the Best of Halloween Havoc. This highly entertaining WCW pay-per-view had its run between 1989 and 2000... My brother Steve and I have probably watched every one of these shows... Not live, but on VHS thanks to our local Aberdeen and Manahawkin, New Jersey Blockbuster stores back in the day. 

This video brings back a ton of memories revolving around the "cheesy" Halloween gimmick matches like "unknown masked men" interfering in matches, electric chair bouts, and monster truck battles. It feels like just yesterday my brothers and I were watching WCW and beating the crap out of each other on Sunday afternoon after church at our grandma's house. I know... Nothing goes better with Roman Catholic religious ceremonies than juiced up men and women performing sports entertainment theater for millions of viewers, some of whom certainly lived in their parents' basements well into their 30s and collected Pok√©mon cards (*cough* Justin Dohnson *cough*). 

That being said, I'm sure I speak for everyone at The Weigh-In when I say, Happy Halloween! Make sure to check your candy to ensure it has not been messed with... Justin Dohnson is still out there, and rumor has it, he is still angry about his fellow Irishman, Conor McGregor, losing recently... Who knows what he will do after having a good cry, drinking a bottle of Schnapps Sour Apple Pucker, and eating a box of Bon Bons... Don't say I didn't warn you! 

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