Saturday, December 2, 2017

Dustin's Corner: Dustin Poirier Stops Anthony Pettis at UFC Fight Norfolk

Finally! The People’s Red Head has come back to The Weigh-In.

Pettis tapped harder than Gregory Hines in the third round of his lightweight matchup against Dustin Poirier. The fight was a bloody a battle that ended when Pettis tapped in the third round due to what appeared to be some sort of rib injury. Following the fight, Pettis’ coach confirmed Pettis fractured a rib.

What a shame for Pettis who has bounced between weight classes ever since losing his belt at UFC 185 to Rafael dos Anjos. Pettis was bloodied by elbows, but was still very much in the fight. In fact, Pettis looked very quick and some great wrestling was on display in rounds two and three of the bout.

Poirier cut Pettis open with multiple elbows. However, Pettis continued to fight until the end. While Poirier was in the mount position in the third round, Pettis twisted to escape and immediately tapped. For Poirier, this marked his second straight win against top talent under odd circumstances.

Fans may recall that his previous victory against Eddie Alvarez was due to an illegal knee, and ruled as a no contest, but Poirier considers this a win. I am not sure what qualifies as a win anymore, but one thing I do know, Poirier considers everything not a loss to be a win.

Following his match with Pettis, Poirier claimed Pettis did not suffer a broken rib, but was suffering from broken spirit. As usual, the trash talk flied following the bell. Pettis has been pretty silent since the injury, and we have not received any sort of turnaround time for his return.

However, during the post fight interview, Poirier claimed he is going to fight the winner of Justin Gaethje and Eddie Alvarez. Weeks later, we have seen nothing confirming that Poirier would be awarded the winner of this pending match.

For Pettis, there will be some considerable rehab, as rib injuries always prove tricky to overcome. Additionally, he will have to weigh his options, but I feel he still looks great in the lightweight division.

For Poirier, what can be said, other than he has the best first name in the history of man. I am flattered that his parents named him after me. While there is no confirmation that he will fight the winner of Gaethje and Alvarez, there is certainly an argument to be made that he is deserving of said winner.

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