Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Johnson vs. Zelenoff: The Mega-Fight

Johnson vs. Zelenoff: The Mega-Fight 

Fans, this is the fight we want to see and deserve in 2018... The People's Red Head, Dustin Johnson (0.5-0) vs. Charlie "The Greatest of All-Time" Zelenoff (0-1). By now you should all know who DJ is... However, if you have never heard of the G.O.A.T. (sorry Ali...), you need to feast your eyes on the below footage: 

We here at The Weigh-In think this fight should happen at some point in the spring of the New Year... We believe that the Curves Gym in Springfield, MO that Dustin frequents as a guest and spectator would be a suitable location for the showdown. Charlie could get the action started by ambushing Big Red on the stair master machine while he gets his daily burn on. There is also plenty of space in the aerobics room for DJ and the G.O.A.T. to chase each other around like the two maniacs they are. 

Luis, Pete, and MW would also love to stream the showdown on The Weigh-In for hundreds of fans to enjoy... The three of us will also chip in for Charlie's Greyhound bus ticket, and a case of Natural Light or Milwaukee's Best beer for the winner... To the victor goes the spoils! 

Please show your support for our beloved red headed gladiator in the comments. And as for you Charlie... You do you... 

TWI Staff

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