Tuesday, February 25, 2020

What Tyson Fury Said In 2017: Not So Crazy Now?

A boxing fan, or even one working in the field today, may likely imagine that you need more than just skills and physical power to beat Tyson Fury. In fact, we could say that prior to Fury's last few fights, that his last opponent, Deontay Wilder, had some of the highest willpower, or 'drive' in the division of heavyweight giants. A "will to win" that was perhaps unmatched, until facing his nemesis known as the "Gypsy King" Tyson Fury. 

Fury has done what most thought was "unlikely" in dominating Deontay Wilder, stopping him in round 7 to recapture a world title for the second time in his career. With this victory, he also captured one world belt Fury had never acquired in his career, the WBC title belt.

Let's revisit a quote during a period when most of us thought the comments were somewhat of a joke, or unfathomable at the time. When the majority of the boxing world didn't believe in "the comeback" of Tyson Fury. There were fans who believed he was just "cashing out" and had minimal interest in returning for more than one big fight. A few years ago, before the two memorable bouts with Deontay Wilder, such other "crazy talk" is now to be taken seriously today. Words directed at another World Heavyweight Champion, Anthony Joshua.

Tyson Fury (2017)

I ain’t coming back to money, I tell you what I’m coming back for – to rid a fraud [Anthony Joshua] out of the heavyweight division.

I'm telling everyone now, from the bottom of my heart, I can play with that bodybuilder, no problem.

I’ll take one fight at a time, me. I like it when I’m supposed to lose, and that’s when you get the best Tyson Fury.

Let’s face it, I’ve been through depression, life and death situations, to come back against all the odds, turn it all around, get myself back in training.

When I say I’ve never been more confident, or more serious when I say something – I can play with that bodybuilder.

I mean play with him like a cat playing with a ball of wool. Hands behind my back, touching the top of my head, making a right mug of him.

If I get hit, I’ll be highly, highly disappointed if he can even land a blow on me, never mind beat me.

The fans know this tale to be something you almost only see in a Hollywood film. Fury's story is well known if you haven't heard it before. What soley went from getting back in shape, to working on his mental health and taking care of himself, has turned into one of the greatest comeback stories in boxing, arguably sports history. What was "the big two" heavyweights, has become "the big three" in Wilder, Fury and AJ.

Wether you rank Anthony Joshua, or Tyson Fury as the number one heavyweight is probably going to receive little argument. That, as well as the fact that their potential title fight being earth shattering and record breaking for both UK and world Heavyweight boxing as a whole. The other grasping visual is Tyson Fury's baffling ability to seemingly make his words a reality. The Gypsy King had stated he would take back his thrown, and as it stands now, boxing fans will think twice before doubting the two time World Heavyweight Champ. 

Photo - BoxRec.com

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