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Showtime Boxing: Russell Jr. vs Nyambayar Fight Results

By Chris Mealey

A stellar night of boxing embarked at the PPL Center, located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where a World Featherweight title fight between Champion, Gary Russell Jr and Tugstsogt Nyambayar took place. The venue displayed performances from rising prospects, former world champions, and of course, the fight fans who came to support the event.

The Weigh-In: Your Home for Combat Sports will now breakdown and present the results from Saturday night's Premier Boxing Champions card, broadcasted on the Showtime network. Fights are listed in order, from the undercard bouts to the televised main event.

Fight 1: Marlon Bolen vs Larry Ventus (Welterweight)

The opening round was a stark and tenacious approach from Bolen, as he found continuous success in landing body shot combinations. It appeared Bolen had too much power and punch output for Ventus to handle, as the referee decided to jump in and stop the fight at the very end of round two.

Winner: Marlon Bolen via TKO [Round 2]

Fight 2: Rajon Chance vs Joseph Quintana (Super Bantamweight)

Rajon Chance wasted little time in his first professional boxing debut. Instantly charging his opponent, Chance managed to send Quintana tumbling onto the ropes from a crisp combination, which caused the official to step in, ruling what was a proper knockdown. Shortly after giving Quintana the count, Chance rushed back to inside fighting, smothering his opponent. The consistent damage became too much for the man in charge to allow, as this fight was stopped at 1:41 into the very first round. Not a bad way to start off a boxing career!

Winner: Rajon Chance via TKO [Round 1]

Fight 3: Gary Antonio Russell vs Jesus Martinez (Bantamweight)

Yes, the name Gary Russell is no stranger to boxing. Gary Antonio is one of the younger brothers of Russel Jr, the Champion and headliner for this event. In this bout, a few slips, trips and low blows from Martinez would be the only sore when watching these two fight. Rounds progressed with Russell controlling the pace landing thunderous left hands from a southpaw stance, seemingly frustrating Martinez. It was shortly after the 6th round, when Russell floored his opponent and after Martinez rose up, Russell continued the aggression, leaving the referee with little choice, stopping the bout at 1:30 in the 6th round.

Winner: Gary Antonio Russell via TKO [Round 6]

Fight 4: Jonathon Rodriguez vs Edwin Eduardo Neri (Bantamweight)

Rodriguez (Formerly known as Torres) was one of the crowd favorites in this Allentown event. The undefeated prospect was raving to fight and was relentless from the opening round, all the way to the end. Inside brawling, outside boxing and practically everything in between, Rodriguez's arsenal was executed at superb rates. These factors may help describe the courageous heart and durability from Edwin Eduardo, as the boxer would not go down and refused to back away from all that Rodriquez threw. This bout was the first to go to the judges last night, with two cards scored at 60-54 and the 3rd judge, scoring it 58-56, all in favor of Rodriquez

Winner: Jonathon Rodriguez [Unanimous Decision]

Fight 5: Gary Antuanne Russell vs Jose Marrufo (Super Lightweight)

Ah, another Gary Russell fighting on the undercard? A younger sibling of the World Champion strikes again. Gary Antuanne Russell is well known for his tenacious power, and made sure to make his presence known with that same punching ability. What seemed to be a competitive start, was over in a quick and ideally perfect combination by Russell, throwing the left downstairs, then catching Marrufo with a right hook on the chin, flooring him, leading to the declared knockout/wave off by the official in the ring at 2:12 in the very first round.

Winner: Gary Antuanne Russell via KO [Round 1]

Fight 6: Jamontay Clark vs Anthony Lenk (Super Welterweight)

The first round kicked off with patient boxing from both of the southpaw boxers. They measured with their jabs, scoping each other out. Clark, who seemed to be the bigger and stronger man in the ring, began to land stern pot-shots, one punch at a time, yet landing at will. Clark exhaled and shouted while he threw, which helped elaborate how hard the punches were thrown. Lenk had a shining moment in round 4, landing a stunning head shot over Clark, following up with pressure, which was a good redemption round for Lenk. Clark had found his rhythm again in the last two rounds, which would cement his decision victory, having two judges score the bout 79-73 and one judge scoring it 78-74

Winner: Jamontay Clark [Unanimous Decision]

Fight 7: Martino Jules vs Pablo Cupul (Super Featherweight)

You would have thought that the flashy Martino Jules was the main event of the night, after hearing the eruption from the Allentown crowd. What better way to shine in a sport than fighting in your hometown? The undefeated Jules made quick work In this bout against Cupul, as Jules backed Cupul into a corner, constantly landing at will. Just as Cupul was on his way down to the canvas, the referee jumped in to stop the fight at 2:39 in the first round.

Winner: Martino Jules via TKO [Round 1]

Fight 8: Jaime Arboleda vs Jayson Velez (Super Featherweight) - WBA Eliminator

Considering the constant action and close rounds, this was arguably the "fight of the night." Instant classic from start to finish. Velez would find much success in landing significant counter-punches, on top of landing his own combinations during inside exchanges. During virtually every round, Arboleda was landing just as many clean shots as Velez, making these rounds a nightmare for any boxing judge. The right cross counter seemed to be the moneymaker for Velez, but it was the last round where both boxers threw all they had, causing the crowd to burst with astonishment. Velez scored a knockdown halfway through this final round, but Arboleda found the strength to get up and finish the fight strong. A suspenseful reading of the score cards declared Arboleda the winner in a somewhat controversial split decision victory. One judge had the bout 115-112 for Velez, another scored the bout 115-113 for Arboleda. The final score was 114-113 for the winner Jaime Arboleda.

Winner: Jamie Arboleda [Split Decision]

Co-Main Event: Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Liborio Solis (Bantamweight) - WBA World Title

When it comes to skillful boxing tactics, or the art of "hit and don't get hit" - most cannot compare to the former pound for pound star, Rigondeaux. Unfortunately, that usually means displeased fight fans who just want to see action. It was not easy to watch this match with full attention, considering the immense booing from the crowd, yet this is something that rarely phases boxers, especially Rigo. Solis gave Rigo an honest first half of the fight, providing some difficult puzzles (especially in the first round). For one moment, in what felt like light speed, the booing from the crowd turned into loud cheers as Rigondeaux dropped Solis with a lunging uppercut during the middle of round seven. Rigo never gets carried away, always staying composed, rarely going in for the kill after dropping his opponents. Solis and Rigo would go back to patient chess-boxing, leading to another scorecard result. 115-112 for Rigo, 115-112 for Solis and the final card awarding a split decision victory for Rigondeaux at 116-111.

Winner: Guillermo Rigondeaux [Split Decision]

Main Event. Gary Russell Jr. vs Tugstsogt Nyambayar (Featherweight) - WBC World Title

It's always rewarding for everyone in the arena when the main event delivers the anticipated action that's desired in any night of boxing. The strong power puncher and challenger, Nyambayar, must've brought a Mongolian army with him to this Allentown venue. Though what was also a house full of Gary Russell fans, the crowd had Mongol flags waving around in each section. Throughout this fight, Tugstsogt was keen in applying pressure, but without giving up too much defense, even causing Russell to trip up and fall in the first round. Gary was established his famous hand speed and quickly got into his rhythm from round two onward. Blinding combinations, ring generalship and practically everything we've seen from Russell before, but this time against a hungry, well proven challenger who (in Gary's words) "has nothing to lose." Though Gary seemed to dictate most of the tempo and rhythm of this title fight, "King Tug," as the crowd referred to the Mongolian warrior, Nyambayar would keep this a honest and competitive fight despite the rounds he lost. A unanimous decision declared Gary Russell Jr the winner, with scores: 116-112, 117-111 and 118-110. 

Winner: Gary Russell Jr. (Unanimous Decision)

Showtime Boxing, Premier Boxing Champions, Kings Promotions and TGB Promotions had shined thoroughly well at the PPL Center in Allentown. It's always a bonus for all involved in the sweet science when fights are enjoyable, arenas are packed, loud and with the utmost energy leading up as boxers make their way to the ring. The Weigh-In looks forward to covering future pugilistic events as they emerge throughout 2020. 

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