Friday, September 27, 2019

Drew Stone Interview

By Matt Ward

Check out my recent interview with producer, director, artist, and musician, Drew Stone! Stone is the executive producer of "Ali: Me Whee." 

You can stream the interview on both SoundCloud and iTunes:

"Ali: Me Whee" was shot in 1975 by Arny Stone and his crew in and around Ali's training camp in Deer Lake, PA and in Las Vegas. This documentary captures an incredible moment in time in Muhammad Ali’s life. At the peak of his career his love for kids and general philosophy of life shine thru with appearances by luminaries from the boxing and entertainment world. Highlights include his legendary 1975 commencement speech at Harvard University.

The 25 minute documentary was beautifully shot on 16 mm film, and features appearances by Muhammad Ali, Phyllis Diller, Jerry Lewis, Angelo Dundee, B.B. King, Drew “Bundini” Brown, Jim Brown, Walter Youngblood, Lloyd Wells, and Gene Kilroy.

On Tuesday, October 1, 2019, the world will have the opportunity to get an intimate look into the life of boxing legend Muhammad Ali thanks to father and son filmmakers, Arny and Drew Stone.

After over 40 years Arny's son, Drew Stone, of New York based Stone films NYC, was the force behind bringing this precious artifact of boxing cinematic history back to the people. Drew painstakingly restored and reassembled the film from the original elements and has spent the last year screening it to audiences in New York, Philadelphia, Long Beach, and Atlantic City. The Stone Family want to thank and express gratitude to all the crew and personnel who worked on the film and to all independent film makers everywhere. In that spirit they feel that it’s the right time to make this documentary available to the public for streaming, free of charge, through the Stone Films NYC official YouTube page. (Subscribe today!)

The Stone Family: (Left to Right) Director/Producer Drew Stone, Director Arny Stone, and Director/Director of Photography Evan B. Stone

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