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By Justin Dohnson, The People's Red Head

Finally! The People’s Redhead has Come Back to the Weigh-In!

For those who do not know, I am pretty much Canadian. I love hockey, heavy drinking, and poutine. Our very own Matt Ward asked his father (me) to write about hockey fights. I had two reactions when he asked me to cover such an article. The first, I became instantly hard. The second, as a fan, I owed it to the public to research and truly advocate for this great sport. Plus, with the NHL Stanley Cup possibility being awarded on Sunday, June 9, 2019, what better time than to post this piece now.

Hockey is a wonderful sport that continues to evolve. Hockey players are known for their toughness. I honestly think grit is a better term for the elite players of the NHL. Hockey players often lose teeth and get cuts requiring stitches. This may seem like nothing, but even when they require stitches, or lose chiclets, they return to the game after being patched up.

Hockey’s elite wheel, snipe and celey, doing whatever is necessary for the boys. It is nothing for a pantene pro to put the biscuit top shelf and get some digis from a snipe in the audience. All you fight fans better bone up on your hockey lingo. Hockey, and maybe I am biased, is still one of the true sports. The players are playing for the boys, and salaries are modest for professional athletes. It is still aboot the love of the sport.

The current landscape of the NHL has truly killed the old enforcer and fighting days. There are now rules that the players cannot remove their helmets, which leads to broken hands and a huge refrain from tossing the mitts. That being said, hockey has long celebrated a rich history of men who played to chuck knucks. These warriors even trained in MMA or boxing to further assist them in their nightly matches. Additionally, after a game concluded, many players used to go out drinking. Hockey has everything a fan could ever want.

The little Domi was known for being a ticking time bomb. He never took any shit and fought as if he were eight feet tall. The 5-foot-10 Domi took on the 6-foot-3 Brashear, as each threw bombs during game two of the playoff series.

This fight means a lot to me, growing up in Detroit, I ride or die with my Wings. Also, for those of you who do not know, this is a fight between two goalies. This fight means two men skated out of their nets with so much hatred, they met at center ice and attempted to destroy each other. This fight was due to chaos going on between one of hockey’s most vicious rivalries, the Detroit Red Wings and the Colorado Avalanche. It is a must watch as Ozzie takes Roy down.

Probert was one of the most prolific fighters of all time. Also, he was a Red Wing, so I love him, and I insist you do as well. Probert highlights are a reason for all of the rules surrounding modern day hockey fighting. To witness both men throw caution to the wind and their health, look at this donnybrook.
St. Louis versus Chicago Blackhawks, both teams fighting for the President’s Cup, and tensions boiled over after a hard Jeremy Roenick check.

The 2019 NHL playoffs were underway when Alex Ovechkin was challenged by the Hurricanes' Andrei Svechnikov. It went exactly how you thought it would go when a rookie challenges the great eight.

McSorley is unable to get over being dusted by Brashear. As the game unfolds, they fight and McSorley slashes Brashear in the head with his stick!

Both of these career fighters deserve to make this list over and over again. Somewhere around 70 punches were thrown between these two in this donnybrook.

These two show mutual respect for one another while throwing bombs. There are some well-landed punches and clever tactics to pop a helmet and that’s not a euphemism.

Kocur with a brutal KO of Kyte.

With Chara currently playing for a Stanley Cup, we felt it fitting to add this fight. The big guy bloodies Koci.

These fights were not ranked and are not in any particular order. I merely tried to provide some footage that I felt was worth seeing. Hockey can quite often become a combat sport and the boys are tough.

Special Thanks to

You Tube for housing amazing puck fight footage
Matt Ward for his upcoming union to a woman (surprised us all)
Steve Gruber (introducing me into world of cat yoga)
Pappy van Winkle Bourbon (look that shit up if you don’t know)
Frank Grillo for his fighter workout routines

Bob Probert

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