Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A First Time for Everything: Hammer vs. Wallisch

By Eric Armit

I watched the video of Christian Hammer vs. Michael Wallisch. BoxRec showed it as a fifth round KO for Hammer. At the start of the fourth round, there is a violent clash of heads and Wallisch goes down on his knees and is counted out! Hammer is celebrating and there are people climbing in the ring and I am wondering why BoxRec showed the knockout in the fifth. The video was in two sections and that was how the first section ended. So I wondered what's in the second section?

I looked at that and the cards being carried around the ring say it its the start of the fourth round! I checked section one again, and sure enough it showed Wallisch counted out in the fourth with everyone in the ring. I then went to find some written record, and this revealed that Wallisch's corner had protested the knockout and it had been mutually agreed to forget Round 4, version 1, and restart the fight at a new round 4.

I have never seen that happen before-bizarre!

Christian Hammer vs. Michael Wallisch on YouTube 

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