Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Dustin's Corner: Apparently Only Sisqo can Unleash the Dragon as Machida gets Knocked Out in Return

The People’s Red Head has come back to The Weigh-In!

UFC Fight Night 119 took place on Saturday night. It marked the return of former champion, Lyoto (the Dragon) Machida. Remember that old Sisqo song, Unleash the Dragon? Shame on all of you for only knowing the Thong Song! Machida was set to take on Derek Brunson. This marked Machida’s first time in the octagon in the past two years. For those of you with short memories, Machida was suspended for being too much of a dragon, or violating the anti-doping policies; I’ve heard it both ways.

Unfortunately for Machida, the highlight of the evening was his walk out to octagon, which featured Game of Thrones theme music. However, once the music ended, Machida’s night ended with it. In all fairness, there are not many who can take a shot from Brunson.

The main event began with a feeling out process. Both Machida and Brunson looked light on their feet. Each of them seemed to bounce around, trying to find their range for the first couple minutes of round one. However, Brunson got inside and delivered a left hand that will ruin your holidays. Machida instantly looked hurt, falling down from the blow. Brunson then wasted no time, jumping on Machida, and finishing him with ground strikes on his way to a TKO victory.

The question is, what now for Machida? Is this the last time we are going to see the karate expert in the octagon? I hope not, but nothing is certain at this point. Congratulations to Mr. Brunson on the big win.

Special Thanks to:
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- Dustin Johnson, The People's Red Head

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