Monday, October 30, 2017

Dustin's Corner: Gegard Mousasi Gets All He Can Handle in Bellator Debut

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Gegard Mousasi, who was on a five-fight win streak in the UFC, defected to Bellator after being continuously overlooked for title opportunities in the UFC. Many expected Mousasi to immediately establish dominance in Bellator. However, Alexander Shlemenko had other plans for Mousasi at Bellator 185.

Mousasi is known as a grappling specialist. He had to call upon these skills early in his Bellator debut. Mousasi showed some rust, which was to be expected. This was his first fight since April of this year.  In round one, an overhand left from Shlemenko swelled Mousasi’s eye badly. Mousasi then went to his knees faster than my high school prom date. However, Mousasi was attempting a take down, not anything high school prom related.

In round two, Mousasi took the back of Shlemenko and ended the round there. In true form, Mousasi showed why he is so feared, as Shlemenko could not shake him. Round two was huge because in round three, Shlemenko was connecting with punches. However, Mousasi was ultimately able to out point Shlemenko to his first Bellator victory.

It was not the dominant performance that the MMA world expected. However, Shlemenko showed why he is a former champion. No matter what the critics think, Bellator is closing the talent gap on the UFC. Mousasi was victorious, but now understands he is not going to have his way with opponents in Bellator. Everyone in Bellator is prepared to fight. We will look forward to seeing what is next for Mousasi.

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