Friday, October 6, 2017

A New Division in Boxing?

Miguel Rivera of reported this morning that the WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman is exploring the idea of creating a new and 18th boxing division, by splitting the current heavyweight division into a heavyweight and super heavyweight division. This is the latest in a series of announcements that have come out of the sanctioning body's 55th annual convention (9/28-10/7) in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Rivera wrote in his article:

Sulaiman explained that the new weight class would be created above the cruiserweight limit of 200-pounds, but where it would end and where the super heavyweight limit would begin is still very far away from being determined.

What do YOU think about the possibility of a new division in boxing? Will a new super heavyweight division open the door for some of the "bigger boys" of boxing to capture glory in a division where smaller heavyweights have found much success? Share your thoughts with us on the blog and Facebook!

On a side note, as I wrote this post, all I could think about was Eric "Butterbean" Esch (77-10-4, 58 KOs) knocking out Johnny Knoxville (0-1... J/K!) in the first Jackass movie...

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