Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dustin's Corner: McGregor vs. Mayweather - Who’s Buying?

As we all know, McGregor vs. Mayweather is being deemed the fight of the century. However, you may recall, another fight of the century took place back on May 2, 2015. This fight need not be mentioned by name, for we all know I am referring to Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. A fight, which needless to say, disappointed the masses. Mayweather is arguably the best defensive fighter of all-time. Pacquiao is a Hall of Famer who could not lay a hand on Floyd.

I have the utmost respect for McGregor and what he has accomplished in MMA. However, McGregor does not have a boxing background, and has used his celebrity status to land this opportunity against Mayweather. This writer fears that much like the Pacquiao fight, this will be another example of why Mayweather is the one of the best defensive boxers of all time. Many veterans of the sweet science are of the mindset that this fight is a joke. No matter what you may think of the actual spectacle, one cannot help but wonder what, if anything, this fight does for sport of boxing?

McGregor has burst onto the MMA scene dominating the competition and more importantly, dominating the ratings. McGregor’s impact can be felt throughout the MMA world. MMA fighters complained about how much time he occupied multiple belts, but have not been so quick to complain about the contract raises they are receiving as result of McGregor.

It was obvious that McGregor and Mayweather were destined to collide. It was too big to fail. Here we are with this contest rapidly approaching, and this writer has one question, who is buying this paper view? Avid boxing fans are too clever to once again be duped by the fight of the century taglines and outlandish promotion taking place.

However, there is something so damn intriguing about this contest. It is analogous to the ugly girl in elementary class that sits in front of you. You know you should not be starring, but you cannot look away. On top of the intrigue, this fight means something. All of us dedicated boxing fans know that MMA is blowing up dare I say, surpassing boxing viewership. Typing the last sentence hurt every fiber of my being. I am a freelance writer on a boxing blog, what sport do you think has my loyalty?

While I do not want to be honey dicked into watching this match, I just do not think I can help myself. What no one seems to be discussing is how badly boxing fans need this win. Perhaps the time off has helped Mayweather’s ailing hands and he is able to knock out McGregor. Think of that what Mayweather knockout would do for the sport.

Alternatively, think of what a McGregor knockout would mean for boxing. Am I being too dramatic, feel free to weigh in. While I do not want to drop a $100.00 dollars on paper view; it almost feels too important not to watch. Not sure how I feel about having to re-mortgage my home to pay for a spectacle that could be less dramatic than Mayweather and Pacquiao.

I want the listeners to weigh in. To me, this fight feels like bragging rights are on the line. All of us boxing fans need something to say to MMA fans. A McGregor victory could lead to a long summer of endless smack talk from MMA fans. I for one do not want to deal with that. However, real fans of the sport know what this is, so we are not worried.

- Dustin Johnson, The People's Red Head

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