Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dustin's Corner: Luke Rockhold Victorious at UFC Fight Night 116

Finally, The People’s Red Head has come back to the Weigh-In!

While Canelo and GGG were going at it Saturday night, Luke Rockhold was also in action. Rockhold reaffirmed his dominance in the 185 pound division by defeating David Branch with ground and pound strikes.

It has been almost two years since Rockhold lost his belt in shocking fashion to Mike
Bisping. Rockhold took the first step toward reclaiming the waist hardware Saturday night.

Round one opened with Rockhold showing octagon rust. David Branch put on a smothering attack, similar to the style Bisping utilized to pull off the upset. Branch smothered Rockhold against the octagon and continued to connect. Branch wisely left no room for Rockhold to release his devastating leg kicks. While being smothered, Rockhold gestured for his corner to calm down. Round one ended with Rockhold taking Branch down.

The take down in round one was the catalyst for a dominating round two performance from Rockhold. Rockhold owned round two. He eventually took Branch down to the canvas and submitted him with strikes.

In true Rockhold fashion, he had a lot to say during his post fight interview. Rockhold advised Georges St-Pierre to get out while he can. We all know how Rockhold feels about the pending bout between Bisping and GSP.

Saturday’s win will put Rockhold back in contention. One would think he gets to face the winner of the Bisping fight. However, the UFC goes off script all the time. The 185 pound division remains murky. There is a lot of talent at the top.

Does Rockhold have a legitimate complaint? It is so hard to say. McGregor gets his belt taken away in under six months time. It is rumored Dana White stripped McGregor of one of his belts after McGregor was caught leaving an upper decker in the executive restroom... We do not fact check people, just report what is what! (LOL)

In all seriousness, interim titles are ruining UFC bouts. Most of them have little to no significant meaning. Rockhold is at the top of the division and deserves a shot to take his title back. However, he will have to take a number.

It was a great weekend of fights, and congratulations to Mr. Rockhold!

- Dustin Johnson, The People's Red Head

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