Monday, September 18, 2017

Dustin's Corner: Canelo v. GGG Instant Classic and Ginger Power Fight Recap

Finally, The People’s Red Head has come back to The Weigh-In.

Saturday, September 16th, was not only one of the most anticipated boxing matches of the year, but it was a huge step for the ginger initiative. The People’s Red Boxer, Canelo Alvarez put up an inspired effort against the Kazakhstani heavy hitter, Gennady Golovkin. The contest will definitely be discussed as a fight of the year candidate. No matter how you felt about the results, there is no denying the fight lived up to the anticipation. Please see the people’s recap below:

Early Rounds 1-3
I thought the fight began with Canelo getting the better of the exchanges. In round one and two, Alvarez looked sharp. In round three, GGG came on. In typical GGG fashion, he landed the jab and began to do expert work to the body. At this point, it started to look as if GGG was finding a home for bodywork, but the match was still intense.

Rounds 4-7
Rounds four though seven were important. Canelo spent too much time on the ropes. As a fellow red, I was really concerned for what may happen to his hair. Everyone knows we have a higher tolerance for pain and television hair. Still, GGG was putting in good work against the ropes.

Rounds five through seven were where GGG really began to put in work. Neither fighter wanted to let the other one know they were hurt, but massive hooks were landed in various exchanges. GGG began to really pour the pressure on Canelo. Red heads everywhere were shrieking with fright.

Rounds 8-11
Many of these rounds are left open to interpretation. This fight really demonstrates the impact crowd noise can have in a fight. In addition, it shows what can happen when a fighter closes out the “championship rounds.” GGG had his jab working in these rounds. Canelo landed meaningful power shots that made the crowd come alive.

An overhand right that Canelo landed in the eighth made the crowd go wild. Canelo also opened round ten with a nice flurry, but it seemed GGG took over the fight. The eleventh round appeared to be all Canelo. However, due to his earlier work, everyone thought this was GGG’s fight to lose.

12th and Final Round
Both fighters had been in a war and they were still exchanging in round twelve. As the bell sounds, we go to the judges’ scorecards. As we all know, anything can happen at this point. There is no doubt this was a close fight. Anyone would be shocked to see a judge have a lopsided scorecard.

Adelaide Byrd scores the fight 118-110 in favor of Canelo, which created a bigger reaction than the results of the 2017 presidential race. Dave Moretti scored the fight a 115-113 edge for GGG. Don Trella scored the fight an even, 114-114.

Many criticized the lopsided card of Byrd. To this, I say, how dare you all! She clearly loves red heads, and we love her back… Just kidding! However, even I must admit, this score is more lopsided than a woman who gets a discount on breast implants.

With this in mind, it important to consider everything that goes into scoring. I often feel the crowd can influence the scoring of judges. Also, depending on the view, a judge may view something they think has landed, when in reality, it has not landed. The argument will again arise for judges to be sequestered during fights to view the fight on independent monitors that are free of sound in order to produce the most accurate scoring results.

Share your opinion at the Weigh-In Boxing Blog and Podcast. How did you all score it? We would be interested to know how our followers viewed the fight. Also, did the scoring ruin this instant classic? Lastly, do we all think Judge Byrd is dating a redhead? That may be the bigger conspiracy issue to come out of this fantastic fight!


The People’s Red Head OUT!

*Thank you to the for information regarding the background of Adelaide Byrd.

*Thank you to the for compubox statistics and judges’ scorecards.

- Dustin Johnson, The People's Red Head

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