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Showtime Boxing - Lubin vs. Gallimore, Easter vs. Granados results

By Chris Mealey

Showtime boxing returned to Reading, Pennsylvania for the first time since 2002, and delivered over a dozen exciting match ups, on top of displaying the admirable performances from the boxers.  The Weigh-In tackled down these bouts and will summarize each fight in order.


Fight 1: Brandon Glanton vs Jose Corral (Cruiserweight) 6 rounds

Pressure was established early on by Glanton. The jab was consistent and Corral survived the first round, but took some brutal body punishment to get by.

Almost a repeat of the first round, Corral needed to show more improvements that he just couldn't find for the next two rounds. It was in the third round, when Glanton stormed in with a quick combination, Corral was sent to the canvas, which was ruled a slip due to bad balance with the punch connecting. Corral would then retire this fight on the stool, leaving Brandon Glanton as the winner via TKO before the fourth round.

Winner: Brandon Glanton

Fight 2: Darrion Lawson vs Rene Nazare (Super Middleweight) 4 rounds

A patient start by the southpaw from Flint, as Lawson was trying to time and potshot Nazare. A somewhat close opening round with Nazare keeping Lawson in a honest fight. Pressure was strong by Lawson, finding success with the lead right hook off the southpaw stance. An incredible lead hook floored Nazare, leaving him out cold. This was a big win for Lawson via 2nd round KO, elevating his record to 2-0

Winner: Darrion Lawson

Fight 3: Jose Miguel Borrego vs. Likar Ramos (Welterweight) 8 rounds

Generalship and control in the center of the ring was executed by Borrego.  His defense and level of calm was almost methodical, giving Ramos problems. Borrego shifted into second gear during round two, putting a lot of stern pressure on Ramos, almost rattling him with the lead left hook. Ramos showed heart and survived the round. Borrego came back with more pressure and sent Ramos down with a left hook to the body. Incredible as Ramos got on his feet, but was soon sent back by a right hook to the body, a switch hit from Borrego that kept Ramos down to conclude the fight before round four.

Winner: Jose Miguel Borrego

Fight 4: Norman Neely vs. D'Angelo Swaby (Heavyweight) 4 rounds

Hooks off the jab by Neely controlled the opening round. Good counter right hands by Swaby got Neely to come forward and aim combinations on the inside. A crisp uppercut sent Swaby down and he was hurt. Neely quickly took advantage of the situation and landed sharp combinations, forcing the official to stop the bout two minutes into the very first round.

Winner: Normam Neely

Fight 5: Jonathan Torres vs. Julio Garcia (Bantamweight) 6 rounds

Torres continued to show dominance and improvements  in each and every fight. Garcia doesn't have any answers as Torres lands at will, with both inside and outside fighting.Torres gets right back into his rhythm in round 2, sending Garcia down with a series of body shots. Garcia gets up, only to face more deadly combinations and goes down again. A final third time to the canvas leaves the ref with little choice and stops the fight 2:04 into the 2nd round, elevating Torres to a record of 7-0 (3 KOs)

Winner: Jonathan Torrres

Fight 6: Eimantas Stanionis vs. Evincii Dixon (Welterweight) 6 rounds

A rugged first round as Stanionis kept the fight close and inside, not abandoning the body pressure. Only two minutes into the opening round was all it took for Stanionis to land the money shot to keep Dixon down for the ten count. Stamionis elevated to 9-0 with 6 KOs.

Winner: Eimantas Stanionis

Fight 7: Zamy Larry vs. Antonio Hernandez (Middleweight) 4 rounds

Clean boxing and a chess match by both fighters. Close opening round to the end, but Zamy Larry may have stole it in that last minute. Round two was action packed like the first. Hernandez landed flurries of combinations and Larry took three to land one, which didn't seem to be enough. Big round three for Hernandez as he landed his best punches of the fight. Rotating action made this a brutal fight and easily one of the best undercards. Occasional low blows from Larry forced a break, giving Hernandez time to recover in round four, followed by the sound of the bell in the final round. This went to the cards with scores of 38-38 and 39-37 (x2) - in favor of Antonio Hernandez.

Winner: Antonio Hernandez

Fight 8: Zach Dubnof vs. Brent Oren (middleweight) 4 rounds

Tenacious start with shocking straight punches from Oren, that appeared to hurt Dubnof. A huge opener for Oren out of the blue corner. Oren continued to control this fight on the outside, frustrating Dubnof. A near repeat of the first round as Oren utilized a very slick, yet awkward outside style, clearly puzzling Dubnof. A turn of events as Dubnof hit Oren below the belt in round three. After recovery time, Oren was then jumped by extra pressure from Dubnof. The closest round yet. Dubnof found success going to the body and remained persistent with the approach, trying hard to earn back the fight during this final round. The cards read 38-36 x3 for Brent Oren.

Winner: Brent Oren

Fight 9: Raeese Aleem vs. Saul Hernandez (Super Bantamweight) 8 rounds

This bout was a close chess match, with occasional overhands to the body by Aleem, who appeared to land the bigger shots in this close bout. Power shots from Aleem to kick off round two. Hernandez remained composed and was staying in the fight, but lacked punch output. Good fight, but in Aleems favor. Hernandez took a lot of punishment in all of round three, and was encourged by his corner to stop the fight before the start of the next round.

Winner: Raeese Aleem.

Fight 10: Jessy Cruz vs. Ernesto Guerrero (Super Featherweight) 6 rounds

A somewhat dull and slow start with little action would quickly change by round two. Cruz and Guerrero were both patient on the outside, yet a sudden body shot from Cruz sent his opponent down, bringing more energy to the fight. The action was slowly diminishing, making it a hard fight to score until the last and most action packed round. Cruz got wobbled by a 1-2 combination that looked to hurt him bad, yet he was able to recover well and boxed his way back well. Going to the cards with scores of 59-54 - the winner was Jessy Cruz.

Winner: Jessy Cruz

Fight 11: Ricky Lopez vs Joe Perez (Super Featherweight) 10 rounds

Close chess match for the opening round between these super featherweights. Lopez and Perez tried to time each other on the outside, fighting in close rounds. The strong counters by Lopez started to bring the energy to this fight, even bringing the crowd out - chanting Ricky- Ricky! This kept the momentum high. Lopez would have the most success in the repetitive and close rounds up until the final bell, going to the cards with scores of 98-92 across the board For Ricky Lopez

Winner: Ricky Lopez

//Televised Showtime Bouts//

Fight 12: NABO Heavyweight Championship Frank Sanchez vs. Jack Mulowayi 10 rounds

First half of the opening round was patient outside fighting by both boxers. The Cuban flash, Sanchez, looked to land the lead left hook, which soon found its home as he kept Mulowayi on the ropes. Sanchez found most success on the outside and the occasional inside game was also on display, giving Mulowayi trouble. Big body shots from Sanchez opened up the the third round and Mulowayi seemed hesitant to engage. The dominance by Sanchez made this a non -friendly one-sided fight, but still a impressive display of skills from Sanchez as he earned the decision victory.

Winner: Frank Sanchez

Fight 13: Easter Jr. vs. Granados (Super Lightweight) 10 rounds

These two popular boxers could have been the main event based on their names,  but the fight alone said more about the quality of fighters Granados and Easter really are. Fighting at 140, both men were at their comfort weight. Easter pushed the jab early, looking sharp in round one, as he landed a significant uppercut. Granados tried to make this a phone booth brawl in return. Easter continued working the outside for the most part, but Granados had his relentless pressure that was hard to knock off. Granados took a huge left hook, but landed power of his own, later forcing Easter to engage in a brawl which is something he did not need to do. Granados won on the inside, Easter on the outside. In the final round, a huge rally from the crowd, chanting BUNNY! BUNNY! really maintained the hype in what was already the fight of the night. This bout appeared a lot closer than how the judges had scored it, with cards that showed 97-93, 98-92, and 100-90 all for Easter Jr.

Winner: Robert Easter Jr.

Main Event: Erickson Lubin vs Nathaniel Gallimore (Super Welterweight) 10 rounds

Patient and slow start in this main event, which was surprising considering the tension these fighters emitted at the press conference and weigh-in. Both pawed the jab and felt each other out. Lubin with some body straights would be setting the pace for this bout. Gallimore had his best moment in round three, which sparked a brawl with Lubin, making it the closest round yet. Lubin regained his zen and started to control the ring at a phenomenal rhythm, landing superb counter shots that surprisingly never put Gallimore down. This consistency by Lubin would be the norm for the rest of the fight, but with no backing down from Gallimore, who just couldn't seem to increase his punch output. This went to the judges cards and all three would see it the same, making Lubin the clear winner. Cards: 99-91 (x3) for Lubin.

Winner: Erickson Lubin

A fantastic night of boxing and a real treat for the city of Reading. Showtime, TGB, and Kings promotions came together for the fighters, fans, and all the viewers around the world. The Weigh-In is looking forward to next time and are ready to give you all the breakdowns in boxing shows to come. At the end of the day, boxing will always be the sweet science in the world of sports and the Red Dot City of Reading certainly wears this sport on their sleeve, providing one night of fights to remember.

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