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Lubin vs Gallimore, Easter Jr vs Granados Press Conference

On Saturday, October 26th, Showtime Boxing returns with a double header at the Santander Arena in Reading, Pennsylvania. It's a rarity to have bigger boxing events here at the Red Dot City, which is mostly known for producing fighters such as former world champion, Kermit Cintron and heavyweight contender, Travis Kauffman. That rare fight streak appears to be turning around, as Premier Boxing Champions and promotional teams have brought two higher caliber match-ups with the bouts between Robert Easter Jr. and Adrian Granados, and Erickson Lubin and Nathaniel Gallimore. These two fights headline what is safely going to be a dynamic night of boxing. Here, before the official weigh-ins, is the final press conference where the fighters speak their thoughts before meeting in the square circle.

Co-main event: Robert Easter Jr. vs. Adrian Granados

Robert Easter, Jr: "It feels good to be back. I'm training hard and looking to put on a great performance. Granados is a hell of a fighter and I'm sure he is training hard too. He is definitely coming to fight. This fight is going to be action packed and I'm bringing fireworks."

Adrian Granados: "I'm excited to be back. It's going to be a great fight, and our styles match up well and yeah, there will be fireworks. I'm here to reestablish myself at 140."

Co-main event: Nathaniel Gallimore vs. Erickson Lubin

Nathaniel Gallimore: "I've been training, so this isn't a late replacement fight. I knew this opportunity  would one day present itself to me and I know this is the right time, so stay tuned."

Erickson Lubin: "It doesn't matter who comes in the ring, because I'll be ready. My plan isn't just to take over the 154 division, but to take over boxing."

Showtime Boxing Q&A

[Abbreviated index]
Showtime Question - (Q)
Robert Easter Jr. - (REJ) 
Adrian Granados - (AG)
Nathaniel Gallimore - (NG)
Erickson Lubin - (EL)

Q: To Robert - Why the move to 140? Why leave 135?

REJ: It was time. Making 135 was cutting a lot of muscle and I'm getting older.

Q:  To Adrian - Coming back down to 140, you stated this is the perfect fight and the perfect weight. Why is that?

AG: I made my statement in boxing at 140 and ever since, I never had the opportunity to achieve my goals at that wieght, as I was given offers nobody could turn down at 147, against some of the best boxers in the world. I always wanted to be a champ at 140.

Q: To Robert - Will the power be there at 140?

REJ: Of course. Shout out to my strength and conditioning coach. We've been working on building a lot of strength.

Q: To Adrian - Having trained in the same camp as Easter in the past, does any of that help your prepare for this fight?

AG: I'm not going off that, because that was over 5-6 years ago. We are probably different fighters today.

Q: To Robert, same question?

REJ: Not exactly. Fighters fight other fighters differently, so I'm not going off that.

Q: To Adrian - Based off your last bout, how important is it to win this fight against Easter? 

AG: Yes, I am coming off the worst performance of my boxing career. A lot of people don't know what was going on in that camp. I definitely don't want to make excuses, but I was not 100%. It's OK if people want to write me off. I like that. My back is against the wall here and I'm gonna come out swinging 

[Gallimore - Lubin Questions]

Q: To Gallimore - What should Erickson Lubin be expecting from you on Saturday?

NG: He should be expecting everything. I'm not a one dimensional fighter. They can watch all the footage they want, but I'm going to bring a legendary performance.

Q: To Lubin - How does the sudden change of opponent effect this fight and why do you feel this is a better fight?

EL: Gallimore comes to fight. He is a harder puncher and takes more risks, but we are prepared for him, or anyone who steps in the ring. Come Saturday, it's Hammer-time.

NG: It doesn't matter what he brings to the table. I have an answer. Get your food early, because you don't want to miss this.

EL: Like I said.  I'm here to take over boxing. He's just another stepping stone and he's in the way. I'm going to crush him.

//End of Q&A//


Tensions were building up as Lubin and Gallimore faced off, as this final press conference came to a close. The stare down was adamant and strenuous to break up, with the trash talking elevating. The boxing fans, the Showtime viewers around the globe, and the Red Dot City of Reading, Pennsylvania are in for a real thrasher this Saturday night, on top of experiencing an event that could bring even more appealing fights to town down the road.

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