Sunday, June 24, 2018

"Riot" at the Amir Khan vs. Carlos Molina Fight (2012)

Matt Ward, Dustin Johnson, and Steve Ward of The Weigh-In made the trek to Los Angeles from the greater Phoenix area back in 2012 to witness Amir Khan knock out Carlos Molina at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.

The weekend was full of mayhem and antics that regular readers of this website would expect from the likes of anyone associated with this "fine" online publication. Matt Ward got a speeding ticket for driving 20 mph over the speed limit on a lonely stretch of California highway, and proceeded to argue with the cop; Steve Ward almost blacked out on the streets of LA after drinking sake bombs for the first time; and Dustin displayed his functioning alcoholism by waiting for the Yard House near the Staples Center to open on Saturday morning. All things considered, it is amazing that your pals at TWI made it to the show on December 15, 2012!

The real mayhem began after Khan defeated the crowd's "champion." Molina supporters, full of beer and prescription pain killers, were quick to turn their frustration on the 50 or so Amir Khan fans in attendance. This video does just enough to set the tone of the carnage that spilled over from the cheap seats onto the concourse. The video leaves out the footage of police helicopters hovering over the arena, cops decked out in riot gear, and the deployment of pepper spray. It also fails to capture the one and only red head in a sea of angry boxing fans, Dustin Johnson. Some sources covering the fight claim that he actually urinated on himself in a desperate attempt to avoid assailants and escape the arena... You be the judge of that!

Enjoy this "vintage" piece of boxing fan's finest, and remember TWI dudes love all of you... The next time any of us find ourselves in this type of mayhem, we will be sure to have our camera phones pointed towards the action, providing all of you with live play-by-play on Facebook!


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