Monday, March 5, 2018

Deontay Wilder vs. Luis Ortiz Post Fight Breakdown

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What a fight in the heavyweight division. Deontay Wilder took on Luis Ortiz Saturday night in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center. It was a packed house and the crowd was electric. However, this fight did not get off to a fast paced start, as anticipated. In fact, Wilder showed much maturity throughout the bout. Both fighters overcame adversity, but only one could win.

The opening four rounds were a feeling out process. Every punch Wilder threw was met with a counter from Ortiz. I had Ortiz winning the first four rounds. Wilder was not very active, and I do not blame him. Only Matt Ward likes to be hit cleanly in the face, and that is during his sexual escapades (j/k!). The fans started booing due to the lack of inactivity. However, everyone needs to realize that both fighters have the ability to put the other in airplane mode. Any landed shot can comes with extreme consequences.

Ortiz was busier in the beginning of the fight. In addition, I felt Ortiz landed the more meaningful punches in the first four rounds. Fortunately, this was not a four round bout. The fifth round was everything that the fans hoped for. Wilder put Ortiz on the canvas in the fifth round with a right hand directly to his grill piece. This marked the first time Ortiz has been knocked down in his professional career.

Ortiz seemed to recover fairly quickly from the knockdown. In round six, Ortiz turned the tables on Wilder. I must be honest; I thought Wilder was going down in round seven. Ortiz caught Wilder with a right-left combination while against the ropes. Wilder looked as if his legs were out from under him. Ortiz poured on the pressure and Wilder wobbled more than I do when walking home from my local watering hole. This round could have been scored a 10-8 round and I would have no problem with it. Wilder looked like he was out on his feet.

After round seven, if there were still questions about the chin of Wilder, he answered all of them. I want his chin tested for performance enhancing drugs. He has a chin of steel; there is no doubt of that now. In addition, Wilder should get credit for how he handles adversity. When Ortiz was pouring it on, Wilder recovered and stuck to his game plan.

Not only did Wilder recover, but he appeared to find a different gear. Wilder knocked Ortiz down twice, earning a stoppage in round ten. As many suspected, Ortiz proved to be Wilder’s biggest test thus far. With the win, Wilder moves to 40-0. With the victory, it appears a Wilder vs. Joshua card is inevitable. Joshua will prove to be another great test for the champ.

Following the victory, Wilder was still criticized for his wild style. I thought Wilder remained patient and really showed his maturity in his victory over Ortiz. It goes to show, you cannot please all the fans. For the ones you cannot please, I would not worry about them. As the masses shout obscenities from their mothers’ basements, Wilder is the champ. I would advise the haters to deal with that fact as they also deal with the fact that women are funny. That is right, women are funny, ask Amy Schumer. Congratulations to Wilder on a well-deserved win.

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