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Miocic Sets New UFC Title Defense Record

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For those who do not know, this writer has a close to connection to UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic. Miocic is a Firefighter and I have a raging fire in my pants. Either way, that is neither here nor there. Just know that if Miocic or I nap on the job, there would be unprecedented wildfires a size the world has never seen.

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As if Miocic was not already the perfect human for what he does outside of the Octagon, he set a record at UFC 220 for the most title defenses in the Heavyweight division. Stipe successfully defended his belt for a third consecutive time against Francis Ngannou. Ngannou has become known as an exciting fighter with knockout power. In fact, his power is so respected that the champion opened up as an underdog in this fight.

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Round one started with Ngannou chasing Miocic around the Octagon. Miocic shot a single leg that failed. Ngannou landed a few shots, but nothing that put the champion down. After round one, it was clear that the questions surrounding Ngannou’s talent would be answered.

Ngannou is newer to the world of professional mixed martial arts. He has only been fighting for approximately five years now. That being said, many analysts wondered, what would happen to Ngannou if someone escapes the first round? Another question that many in the sport had, what type of ground game does Ngannou possess?

All of the questions surrounding Ngannou’s skill set were answered in the fight. First, Ngannou’s gas tank needs work. In between rounds two and three, Ngannou looked empty. However, even with fatigue setting in, he rocked Miocic with a punch in round three. Miocic is just more skilled on the ground, and it showed. At this point, it is also worthy to note, Miocic is the most accomplished heavyweight of all time, as he has broken the record for title defenses.

Nothing should be taken away from Ngannou. He is newer to the sport and took on the champion. He took on an experienced veteran who just did what was necessary to win. There is nothing but upside for Ngannou. In fact, if Ngannou gets his ground game together, he will quickly find his way back to title contention. In addition, he needs some cardio work, or better fight management. It appeared Ngannou went for broke in the early rounds, which gassed him during the championship rounds. Miocic cruised to the victory and forever cemented his place in UFC history.

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