Monday, May 14, 2018

Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix Update Following Mir vs. Fedor

Finally! The People’s Red Head has Come Back to The Weigh-In!

While it has been awhile since the People’s Red Head has graced The Weigh-In with his presence, you are still welcome that I have decided to return. You have all been given a gift during my silence. That gift comes in the form of aerial assaults, spandex, and baby oil. I am of course referring to the contribution from our very own Steve Ward. His wrestling articles have been great, and it’s real to him, damn it!

It is time for another update of the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix. Mir vs. Fedor took place April 28, 2018, in Illinois. Unfortunately, the hype leading up to the fight lasted longer than the actual fight. However, both men showed why they are worthy of their legendary status.

Fedor won by TKO, 48 seconds into round one. If we were talking about Matt Ward’s sexual stamina, this would be fives times that, and we would be celebrating. It is not that the fight was disappointing, quite the opposite. To the surprise of many, Mir came out swinging. When you are the aggressor, you often run the risk of giving your opponent openings. This is exactly what happened in this fight.

Fedor showed his true form by clipping Mir behind the ear and landing two more punches that led to the referee calling a stop to the fight. For Fedor, it further cements his place in history. For Mir, it adds to his allure. The career of Mir has been one where he has faced all challengers.

Following the fight, Chael Sonnen was forced to enter promotion mode, as he will be Fedor’s next opponent. For the silver tongued Sonnen, we could tell it was unsuspected, as his banter seemed forced, and not true to his normal form. It is always difficult to leave the booth without notice and start promoting, especially when you are caught off guard.

We will continue to keep you updated as the tournament progresses. Stay tuned for further updates from The Weigh-In.

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