Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Robinson Wins Decision Over Riojas, Aleem Beats Bates in Slugfest

King's Promotions returned to the City of Brotherly Love with an action packed night of fights from the famed 2300 Arena. A capacity crowd was on hand to witness the great night of fights.

Kendall Cannida WUD4 Carlos Villenueva 

Cannida (2-0) out worked Villenueva (0-1), who made his professional debut. Villenueva, who seemed to be a little nervous and caught up by the lights, was unable to pull the trigger with his punches.  Cannida capitalized and landed the clean and powerful shots enroute to the unanimous decision victory.  All three judges had the fight scored 39-37.

Denis Okoth WSD4 Rasheed Johnson

Although Johnson (3-2) seemed to be out pointing Okoth (2-0-1, 1 KO) throughout the fight, two of the judges seemed to agree that Okoth, with his constant pressure, deserved to win the fight.  Even though the pressure by Okoth at times never produced much action or effective punches, Johnson tried to off-set the pressure with a constant jab and tried to follow up those jabs with pot shots in combination.  After four rounds, one of the judges saw it 39-37 for Johnson, the second judge had it 40-36 for Okoth, and the third scored it 39-37 for Okoth.

Poindexter Knight WUD4 Vincent Floyd  

Real Deal Promotions rising prospect and Philadelphia native, Knight (3-0, 2 KO) defeated fellow Philadelphian, Floyd.  The action started right away with no warm up period as both fighters came out swinging for the fences. Floyd landed a sharp straight left from his southpaw stance that staggered Knight. Knight, also a southpaw, responded in the second round by settling into his game plan of picking apart Floyd. After four action packed rounds, all three judges scored the fight 40-36 in favor of the still undefeated Knight.

Colby Madison MD6 Guillermo De Rio

Madison, who has looked impressive in the past, had a stale performance. After winning the first two rounds with a nice jab.  De Rio turned up the action after he realized in order to get to Madison he would have to take the initial jabs.  As both heavyweights continued to circle each other, it was De Rio who landed the power shots that occasionally made Madison back off. Entering the final round, it was clear that Madison needed a big round. He landed a vicious left hook to the body that lifted De Rio's right leg off of the canvas for a moment.  Visibly hurt, De Rio circled away from Madison, who tried to close the show. De Rio regained his composure and fired back power shots to stay on his feet as the fight ended. Two judges scored the fight 57-57, while the third some how had it 58-56 for Madison.

Raeese Aleem WUD8 Marcus Bates

In the fight of the night, junior featherweights Aleem (11-0, 5 KOs) out lasted the game Bates (8-1-1, 7 KO) over eight rounds of non-stop action. Both fighters agreed to start the fight throwing power shots. Aleem landed a crisp left hook in the opening round that dropped Bates. Bates rose to his feet and continued to exchange with Aleem, which set the tone for the remainder of the fight. As the rounds continued with this action, Bates would land power shots, however, Aleem never allowed Bates to seize the momentum of the fight. Aleem did this by responding with well-timed power shots of his own in response to the shots Bates landed. As a result, Aleem, the more active and consistent fighter, was granted the decision victory by scores of 79-72 twice and 80-71.

Brandon Robinson WUD8 Oscar Riojas 

The two super middleweights started the action of the main event by circling each other. It was a left hook by Robinson (10-1, 7 KOs) that floored Riojas (16-9-1, 5 KOs). Riojas got to his feet with a smile on his face, and continued to try and downplay the punches that Robinson landed throughout the rest of the fight. The pattern of the fight settled in with Robinson patiently waiting for and landing one or two power shots on the unorthodox southpaw Riojas.

Riojas tried to land shots of his own, but Robinson utilized quality defense to avoid the punches. Robinson’s power punches started to pay off in the second half of the fight as Riojas stopped returning with punches of his own. As the fight came to an end, it was clear that Robinson was the fighter that deserved the nod. The three judges agreed as two scored it 79-72, with the third giving it to Robinson 80-71.

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